Advice to travellers - Black Spined Toad

Keep black spined toad out of Australia

The Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has detected an increase in the number of black spined toads from Thailand that have stowed away in travellers’ luggage, particularly shoes. Toads are active at night and often feed on insects in well lit areas before seeking a shelter to rest in during the day. Shoes and other equipment that are left outside overnight are a favoured hiding location for toads.

The black spined toad is not present in Australia and needs to be kept out. This toad has the potential to cause more damage to Australia’s environment than the cane toad.

Your help is needed to stop these toads from arriving in Australia. Before you pack to come home, please check your shoes and other items for potential stowaways.

If you find a toad treat it carefully, as they have poisonous skin toxins. Using gloves is recommended but if you have to handle it with bare hands, use an antiseptic hand wash afterwards.

If you find a toad in your luggage once you have arrived home, place it in a secure container and call the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources on 1800 798 636. Do not release it into the environment or dispose of it in any other way.

Thank you for helping keep Australia free of exotic pests and diseases.