Advice to travellers – Chinese red dates (jujube)

Australia has strict biosecurity laws that apply to all goods coming into the country.

Do not bring Chinese red dates with seeds in your luggage as they will not be allowed into the country.

Tell family and friends overseas that red dates with seeds that do not meet our conditions need to be thrown away on arrival if brought into Australia, so ask them not to bring or send them.

Risks posed by red dates with seeds

There are biosecurity risks associated with importing red dates with seeds. The date seeds have the potential to be an invasive weed which could be spread over a wide area via movement from animals and birds.

If these weeds establish in Australia they could have a devastating impact on our agriculture and forestry industries, natural environment, food security and economy.

Red dates without seeds

Commercially packaged dried red dates without seeds are permitted into Australia if strict conditions are met.

The dates must be:

  • labelled with full botanical names (genus and species)
  • thoroughly dried.

All consignments will be inspected to verify that they are free of contaminant seed, bark, live insects, soil and other biosecurity risk material. Goods of biosecurity concern will be forfeited to the Commonwealth and destroyed.

Buy red dates in Australia.

When entering Australia, declare certain food, including red dates, on your Incoming Passenger Card (IPC).

Further information

For more information visit the Importing plant based food, drink and supplements webpage.