Australian national map layers


The Australian national map layers are a convenient package of Australian spatial layers ready for use in MCAS-S. The map layers are supplied as gridded datasets. The map layers cover a broad scope of interests including:

  • biophysical (vegetation, soil, terrain, water, climate,)
  • social (household, community and population characteristics)
  • economic (land use, agricultural commodity, income, land value, rate of return).

Australian ​national map layers have been provided by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES), Geoscience Australia, CSIRO Land and Water, the Department of the Environment and Energy (Environmental Resources Information Network), the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and the National Centre for Social Applications of Geographic Information Systems.

The Australian national map layers are available from the MCAS-S data download utility (hosted by the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network TERN):

Older versions of the map layers are also on the Australian Natural Resources Data Library:

Other data packs for specific locations within Australia include:
Last reviewed:
20 Jun 2018