MCAS-S tool


The MCAS-S software package contains a number of files, including an MCAS-S installer, a sample project, setup and the MCAS-S user guide.

You can download the MCAS-S version 3.1 installer and user guide ​​below.


System Requirements​
Windows (NT, 2000, XP or later)
2 GB of RAM (minimum recommended)
1 GHz or faster CPU​
1 GB of disk space for program
2 GB for Australian national map layers (optional)

Once downloaded, double clicking on the MCAS-S folder will bring up a series of instructions that guide the user through the installation of the MCAS-S software. Installing the program will add the MCAS-S icon to the desktop.

Double clicking on the MCAS-S application icon will start MCAS-S.

Sample datasets for MCAS-S

MCAS-S version 3.1 includes a limited number of Australian national map layers and a sample project to help demonstrate the type of analysis that can be done using MCAS-S and how users can enter their own data into projects.

Additional ready to use Australian national map layers are available including climate, soil, vegetation, social and economic information. These are ready to view and analyse in MCAS-S. Visit the Australian national map layers web page for further information.

Data updates

New or updated data layers will be available from the Australian national map layers web page as they become available.

Last reviewed:
20 Sep 2017