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Post entry quarantine facility

​​​​We have built a new Post Entry Quarantine (PEQ) facility on a Commonwealth owned site in Mickleham, Victoria. The new PEQ facility will consolidate all of the department’s current PEQ operations into a single site in two phases. Phase 1 of the facility was officially opened on 26 October 2015 by the Hon. Barnaby Joyce MP and is now operational for the import of bees, cats, dogs, horses and plants.

Construction of phase 2 of the facility will be completed by 2018. After this all other department-operated PEQ facilities will close and all imported animals and plants will complete post entry quarantine at the new facility in Mickleham, Victoria.

If you require assistance or further information about booking your plant or animal into the new PEQ facility, please see the webpages for importing cats and dogs, horses, plants and bees. More information about transporting your cats and dogs to the new facility is on the Cat and dog arrival windows into Mickleham page.

Information about the design, construction and transition of operations to the new PEQ facility is available on the PEQ GovSpace website.

Make a post entry quarantine reservation

You can make an online reservation in the Post Entry Quarantine (PEQ) facility in Mickleham, Victoria, for cats, dogs, horses and plants.

The online reservation service allows you to:

  • create a new post entry quarantine reservation
  • confirm the details of your existing reservation
  • update your reservation
  • check the status of your reservation
  • stay informed as your animal or plant progresses through post entry quarantine.

Please ensure you understand the entire process for importing a cat/dog or plant before making a booking. For more information about importing:

For help using the system, check the PEQ reservations frequently asked questions first or the Post Entry Biosecurity System (PEBS) user guide. For additional reservation support call 1800 900 090.

Supported browsers

Post Entry Biosecurity System (PEBS) is designed to work with modern web browsers, at a minimum please use one of the following: p

  • Google Chrome Version 32
  • Mozilla Firefox Version 27
  • Internet Explorer Version 10
  • Default internet browser on most modern mobile devices.

Make a post entry quarantine reservation


Map with directions to PEQ facility at Mickleham.

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Contact us

For information on bookings:

  • Email: PEQ Services
  • Phone: 1800 900 090 or + 61 3 8318 6700 (from outside Australia)