Export Industry Advice Notices – Plant Export Operations 2018

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​ ​ Export Industry Advice notices 2018
19 Oct 20182018-49Horticulture Exports Program – Suspension lifted on the importation of melons and strawberries from Australia to Kuwait
18 Oct 20182018-47 Business Systems Program – Plant Export Management System industry launch
5 Oct 20182018-46 Horticulture Exports Program – Citrus packhouse applications for exports to protocol markets in 2019
2 Oct 20182018-45 Authorised Officer Program – Completing plant export inspection and treatment records
25 Sep 20182018-44 Horticulture Exports Program – Commencement of Export Control (Plants and Plant Products) Accredited Properties (Amendment) Order 2018
18 Sep 20182018-43 Assessment Services Group – EXDOC Outage
​18 Sep 2018​2018-41 ​Horticulture Exports Program – Interim control measures for the export of fresh strawberries from Australia
31 Aug 20182018-40 Horticulture Exports Program – Dimethoate dipping treatment for fresh rockmelons and honeydew melons for export to New Zealand
29 Aug 20182018-39 Horticulture Exports Program – Additional measures for the importation of CGMMV host fruit into New Zealand
16 Aug 20182018-38 Horticulture Ex​ports Program – Prohibition of CGMMV host fruit to New Zealand
20 Aug 2018​2018-37 Horticulture Exports Program – Applications for table grape growers, packhouses and treatment facilities to export to protocol markets in 2018–19
10 Aug 20182018-36​ Horticulture Exports Program – Updated work plan for Australian exports of Cherries to the People’s Republic of China
31 July 20182018-35 Horticulture Exports Program – Updates to the Table of Horticulture Protocol Markets and Plant Exports Guide – Horticulture Inspection Techniques
30 July 20182018-34 Horticulture Exports Program – Application for accreditation of Tasmanian orchards, packhouses, cold stores and fumigation facilities, to export apples and pears to protocol markets
​25 July 2018​2018-33​​Horticulture Exports Program – Food safety requirements for some fruit and vegetables to Thailand
​9 July 2018​2018-32Authorised Officer Program – Updated Bulk Vessel Inspection instructional material
​9 July 2018​2018-31 ​Authorised Officer Program – Completing plant export compliance, approval and running records
9 July 20182018-30 Horticulture Exports Program – Applications for cherry orchards and packhouses to export to protocol markets in 2018–19
9 July 20182018-29 Horticulture Exports Program – Application for accreditation of treatment facilities, for the export of cherries and summerfruit to China, Thailand and Vietnam
5 July 20182018-28Grain and Seed Exports Program – India extends quantitative restriction on peas​
4 July 20182018-27 Authorised Officer Program – Release of the Export phytosanitary treatments – onshore cold treatment job function
4 July 20182018-26 Horticulture Exports Program – Application for accreditation of orchards and packhouses for the export of avocados to Japan
4 July 20182018-25Horticulture Exports Program – Export of summerfruit to China, Taiwan and Thailand
21 June 20182018-24 Horticulture Exports Program – Detection of Citrus canker and guide for visual inspections
28 June 20182018-23 Horticulture Exports Program – Transition from export listed property to accredited properties and new instructional material
19 June 20182018-22Horticulture Exports Program – 2018 citrus in-transit cold treatment exports to the US​
19 June 20182018-21 Horticulture Exports Program – In-transit cold treatment certification requirements for 2018 Japan citrus exports
5 June 20182018-20 Wheat Port Code Taskforce – Extension for Wheat Port Code of Conduct submissions
30 May 20182018-19 Authorised Officer Program – Onshore cold treatment pilot
​29 May 2018​2018-18 ​Grain and Seed Exports Program – India – Increased tariffs for wheat, walnuts in shell and shelled almonds
23 May 20182018-17 Business Systems Program – Increase to plant export ER and EXDOC system validation
22 May 20182018-16 Horticulture Exports Program – New market access for avocado fruit to Japan
8 May 20182018-15 Horticulture Exports Program – Export of Strawberries to Thailand
27 Apr 20182018-14 Horticulture Exports Program – Mango and Lychee protocol export applications and audits
20 Apr 20182018-13 Business Systems Program – Update to registered operation and function codes for plant export registered establishments
12 Apr 20182018-12

Grain and Seed Export Program – Testing for Chemical Residues in Grain Exports

12 Apr 20182018-11

Grain and Seed Export Program – Establishment Hygiene and Rodent Management

12 Apr 20182018-10 Plant Export Operations – Republic of Korea – Special Act on Imported Food Safety Management – Renewal of online registration for food facilities
29 Mar 20182018-09 Grain and Seed Exports Program – New import requirements for chickpeas for consumption to Pakistan
10 Apr 20182018-08 Review of the Port Terminal Access (Bulk Wheat) Code of Conduct
29 Mar 20182018-07 Authorised Officer Program – Release of the Export inspection of empty bulk vessels at protected anchorage
14 Mar 20182018-06 Horticulture exports program – Information sessions for treatment providers
23 Feb 20182018-05 Potential Disruption to Department of Agriculture and Water Resources’ IT System – 19:00 Friday, 2 March to 20:00 Monday, 5 March 2018 (AEDT)
24 Jan 20182018-04 Horticulture Exports Program – Persimmon exports to Thailand 2018 registration application for growers, packhouses and treatment facilities
30 Jan 20182018-03 Cost Recovery Operations ​​– Release of draft Plant Export Cost Recovery Implementation Statement for public comment
31 Jan 20182018-02 Authorised Officer Program – Improved AO technical support
12 Jan 20182018‑01 Horticulture Exports Program – Trade can commence under new and amended protocols for the export of cherries, nectarines, apricots, plums, peaches, table grapes and citrus to China