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trends-and-issues-20183577522/09/2018 06:25:0622/08/2018 00:13:24htmlFalseaspx
Food demand in Australia: trends and food security issues 20173577622/09/2018 06:25:0617/08/2018 07:01:45htmlFalseaspx
Productivity publications3579322/09/2018 06:25:0630/08/2018 00:45:19htmlFalseaspx
Future scenarios for the southern Murray–Darling Basin water market3581222/09/2018 06:25:0607/08/2018 23:59:45htmlFalseaspx
Publications38706513/04/2018 00:32:4313/04/2018 00:32:431432http://www.agriculture.gov.au/Pages/Forms/Checked out to me.aspxhtmlFalseaspx
National overview3596022/09/2018 06:25:0610/09/2018 14:00:56htmlFalseaspx
Climatic and agronomic conditions3596122/09/2018 06:25:0611/09/2018 01:40:33htmlFalseaspx
New South Wales3596222/09/2018 06:25:0610/09/2018 14:00:42htmlFalseaspx
Queensland3596322/09/2018 06:25:0610/09/2018 14:00:40htmlFalseaspx
Victoria3596422/09/2018 06:25:0610/09/2018 14:00:33htmlFalseaspx