Criterion 1: Conservation of biological diversity

​​​​​​​​This criterion addresses aspects of the conservation of the biological diversity of forests, which is a key part of sustainable forest management​. Biodiversity refers to the full range of plants, animals and microorganisms occurring in a given area, the genes they contain and the ecosystems they form. 

Criterion 1 is available as an accessible PDF [11 MB]


​​​The data for the tables and figures presented in​ Criterion 1 of Australia's State of the Forests Report 2018​ are available by Indicator here:

​​Data for​​ Indicator 1.1a​​ [86 KB]Data for Indicator 1.1b [128 KB]Data for Indicator 1.1c [78 KB]​​
Data for Indicator 1.1d [133 KB]​Data for Indicator 1.2a [52 KB]​​Data for Indicator 1.2b [68 KB]​​
​Data for Indicator 1.2c [57 KB]Data for Indicator 1.3a [46 KB]Data for Indicator 1.3b [42 KB]​​​

​​The data for the tables and figures for all indicators in​ Criterion 1​ are also available in a single zip file [610 KB].

List of forest species and ecological communities (underpinning Indicators 1.2a and 1.2b) are available in a data workbook (in Microsoft Excel) containing lists of species of fauna and flora identified as forest-dwelling and forest-dependent, and lists of forest-dwelling threatened species and threatened ecological communities, including listing status and threat categories where applicable.

Maps and other graphics

​Downloadable versions of maps and other graphics from Australia's State of the Forests Report 2018 are available at Maps and other graphics​​​.

Spatial data

Downloadable spatial data for forest cover, forest tenure, forest fires, and the Indigenous forest estate from Australia's State of the Forests Report 2018​ are available at Forest spatial data​​.​​


Last reviewed: 4 November 2019