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Agriculture looks to record-busting year

The September Agricultural Commodities Report says the agricultural sector is looking at another record-breaking year, with the gross value of production (GVP) forecast to reach $73 billion in 2021-22. Published 14 September 2021



Record canola spurs another wonder winter crop

The Australian Crop Report’s September edition says Australian winter crops are set for another bumper year with favourable conditions and a record amount of land sown to winter crops. Published 7 September 2021



Aquaculture now largest sector of seafood industry

The latest edition of the Australian Fisheries and Aquaculture Statistics shows that Australia’s aquaculture sector has been steadily increasing in both value and share of gross value of fisheries production. Published 24 August 2021



Prices set to remain low across the southern Murray-Darling Basin in 2021-22

The latest ABARES Water Market Outlook report indicates water allocation prices in the southern Murray-Darling Basin are likely to remain low in 2021–22. Published 3 August 2021



Australian farmers adapting to climate change but more work ahead

The latest Insights report examines the effects of recent and possible future changes in climate on the profitability of Australian farms. Published 29 July 2021



Australian wine in China: Impact of China’s anti-dumping duties released

This report looks at the financial impact on the Australian wine industry of China’s anti-dumping measures and anticipates the extent of market diversion of Australian bottled wine. Published 27 July 2021



Farmgate value hits new record of $66 billion

Australian farmgate production is on track for a record-breaking $66.3 billion year. ABARES' June quarter 2021 Agriculture Commodities report shows how the sector has navigated the uncertainties and challenges posed by COVID-19 and changes in the international trade landscape. Published 16 June 2021



Winter crop area heading towards record high

The Australian crop report – June 2021 is forecasting above average winter crop production in 2021–22. Area planted to winter crops is set to reach a record high nationally thanks to favourable climate conditions and high world prices. Published 8 June 2021



Farmers fight on to contain feral animals

ABARES’ latest report confirms that Australia’s farmers are spending significant amounts of time and money on battling pests and weeds. Published 28 April 2021



Global connectivity is better, even in pandemic

Despite the global economic shocks like those produced by the COVID-19 pandemic, agricultural sectors and economies overall are better off when exposed to international trade, the latest ABARES research paper shows. Published 19 April 2021



Water allocation prices forecast to remain low across the southern Murray-Darling Basin in 2021-22

The latest ABARES Water Market Outlook report indicates water allocation prices in the southern Murray-Darling Basin are likely to remain low in 2021–22.  Published 31 March 2021



Agriculture’s record year, but challenges on horizon

The Agricultural Commodities Report – March 2021, forecasts an all-time high $65.9 billion in production value this fiscal year confirming Australian agriculture is in the midst of an exceptional rebound from drought. However, the medium to longer term outlook is less clear. Published 2 March 2021



Aquaculture to lead seafood’s pandemic recovery

The Australian fisheries and aquaculture outlook for 2021 says Australia’s seafood industry is on the cusp of an aquaculture-led recovery, with salmon, prawns and oysters expected to help lift the sector back into positive territory. Latest ABARES data reveals production value is forecast to slide six per cent in 2020-21 to $2.9 billion because of COVID-19 and trade disruptions. Published 2 March 2021



Average farm cash incomes up 18 per cent to $184k

Farm performance: broadacre and dairy farms, 2018–19 to 2020–21, saysat the national level, farm cash income for broadacre farms is projected to increase by 18% to average $184,000 per farm in 2020–21 driven by improved seasonal conditions. Latest survey results are now online in a new, interactive data dashboard. Published 2 March 2021



Snapshot of Australian Agriculture 2021: Insights

The Snapshot of Australian Agriculture 2021 draws on previously published statistics and insights into key aspects of Australian agriculture. Published 25 February 2021



Stocktake of megatrends shaping Australian agriculture: Insights

The latest ABARES Insights paper sets out five megatrends, each of which is framed in terms of three component trends. The megatrends analysis confirms the fundamentals are in place to support agricultural growth, while identifying several challenges to be addressed. Published: 23 February 2021



Forecast of improved summer crop production in 2020–21

The Australian Crop Report – February 2021 estimates that summer crop planting in Queensland and northern New South Wales to be 3 times larger than the drought affected season in 2019–20. Estimates of winter crop production in 2020–21 is also revised higher to total 55.2 million tonnes. Published: 16 February 2021


Last reviewed: 14 September 2021
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