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ABS, ABARES partnership delivers new farm database for Australia

This report about the Agricultural Data Integration Project details this innovative work that integrates several existing datasets to unlock new insights and applications for Australian farms. Published: 16 December 2020



Value creation in Australia through agricultural exports: playing to advantages

An ABARES Insights article released today explores whether Australia is missing out on domestic value creation opportunities because of the focus on trade in raw and minimally processed agricultural products. Published: 15 December 2020



Opportunities from action on climate change: Insights

Australia’s farmers are well placed to benefit from global market changes as countries and businesses around the world act on and adapt to climate change, the latest ABARES Insights paper has found. Published: 10 December 2020



Farmgate value likely to hit $65 billion, but watch on trade

ABARES’ December quarter 2020 Agriculture Commodities report points to continued recovery for the farming sector from drought—and resilience in the face of COVID-19. Published 7 December 2020



Forecast of near record 51.5m tonne national winter crop

The Australian Crop Report - December 2020 forecasts a 76 per cent rise in Australia’s 2020-21 winter crop production to 51.5 million tonnes, second only to the record 56.7 million tonnes in 2016–17. Published 1 December 2020



Fisheries Status Reports for 2020 now public

The 2020 Fisheries Status Reports show that no stocks have been classified as subject to overfishing in fisheries solely managed by the Australian Government. Published 9 October 2020



Agriculture’s crop-led recovery on track despite COVID-19

The value of Australian agricultural production is forecast to hold steady, but the continuing COVID-19 pandemic is causing world agricultural prices to fall, reducing export returns sharply in 2020-21, according to the September Agricultural Commodities report. Published 15 September 2020


Free trade, competitiveness and a global world: How trade agreements are shaping agriculture

This paper explores how Australia's agricultural export performance over the past 15 years has been inextricably linked to the proliferation of free trade agreements (FTAs). Published 11 September 2020


NSW leads expected winter crop bounce back

ABARES’ September Australian Crop Report has found that winter crop prospects in Australia are generally average to above average at the beginning of spring. Released 8 September 2020.



Analysis of water recovery in the Murray-Darling Basin released

This ABARES Insight report provides an overview of the economic effects of water recovery on water prices and the irrigation sector in the southern Murray–Darling Basin (MDB). Released 1 September 2020.



Water allocation prices likely to fall across the southern Murray-Darling Basin

The July Water Markets Outlook indicates that water allocation prices in the southern Murray-Darling are likely to fall in 2020–21. Released 30 July 2020.



Bushfires and pandemic spell tough road ahead for forestry and wood processing sectors

Major challenges for forestry and wood processors loom in the wake of summer’s bushfires and COVID-19, according to analysis in our latest ABARES Insights report. Released 30 June 2020



Agriculture outlook dominated by recovery from drought

While the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to present challenges, the outlook for agriculture will be dominated by recovery from drought, according to the June Agriculture Commodities report. Released 16 June 2020



Winter crop production forecast to jump 53 per cent

The ABARES Australian crop report - June 2020 is forecasting a 53 per cent increase in winter crop production in 2020-21, with a 23 per cent jump in the area planted. Released 10 June 2020.



Analysis of Australian agricultural trade and the COVID-19 pandemic

This ABARES Insights report says Australia’s agricultural trade has generally unhindered by the COVID-19 pandemic. But for some sectors, such as food service and those reliant on air freight, there were some significant disruptions. Released 5 June 2020.


Lower subsidies equals stronger agriculture: ABARES analysis finds investment, open market trade critical to growth

An ABARES analysis of government support for Australia’s farmers has found they are among the least subsidised in the world. Released 29 May 2020


ABARES insights into Australia’s forest fires

ABARES has released its latest Insights article: Stocktake of Fire in Australia's forests, 2011 to 2016. Principal Forest Scientist Dr Steve Read said the stocktake covers where and how often fire occurred in forests, the land tenures and forest types on which the fire occurred, and whether the fire was planned or unplanned. Released 27 May 2020


Australian agricultural trade continues despite uncertainty

The global spread of COVID-19 is making the short-term outlook for Australia’s agricultural sectors increasingly uncertain according to the ABARES Impacts of COVID-19 on Australian agriculture, forestry and fisheries trade report. Released 23 April 2020


Home-grown food security gives peace of mind during COVID-19 pandemic

The latest ABARES Insights says Australia does not have a food security problem, with Australia exporting about 70% of agricultural production and importing only about 10% of our food. Released 17 April 2020


Water allocation prices likely to remain high in the southern Murray-Darling Basin

The latest Water Market Outlook report from the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) indicates that water allocation prices in the southern Murray-Darling are likely to remain high in 2020-21. Released 27 March 2020.


Long-term view key to $100 billion agriculture target

Reaching the target of $100 billion in agricultural output will require industry to take a long term view, and continue to take hard choices that lift farm productivity and keep Australian exports competitive against rivals, ABARES Executive Director Dr Steve Hatfield-Dodds told the 2020 ABARES Outlook Conference in Canberra today. Released 3 March 2020.


Agricultural Commodities report says farm production value holds despite bushfires and drought

The Agricultural Commodities Report – March 2020, says the value of Australian agricultural production is forecast to remain high despite bushfires and prolonged drought, with overseas demand balancing drought-related falls in farm output and incomes.
Released 3 March 2020.


Seafood production value expected to dip in 2019–20

The Australian fisheries and aquaculture outlook for 2020 says the rapid spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) will likely have a significant short term impact on Australia’s seafood industry, with production value tipped to slide 12% to $2.81 billion this financial year.
Released 3 March 2020.


Crop production hit by unfavourable seasonal conditions

The Australian crop report – February 2020 edition says production prospects for summer crops in Queensland and northern New South Wales remain well below average.
Released 18 February 2020.


Last reviewed: 14 January 2021
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