Australian Agricultural Census 2015-16 visualisations

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This series of visualisations is based on the most recent agricultural census data collected by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for 2015-16.

The visualisations are designed to showcase the Agricultural Census data in a simple and intuitive way – as maps and charts with a focus on national, state and regional summaries for:

  • Production including the area planted or harvested, production and number of livestock or trees
  • Number of businesses
  • Gross value of p​roduction
  • Water use
  • Land management practices

Using the visualisations

1. Select a dataset:

  • Production, area, number and yield
  • Number of businesses
  • Gross value of production
  • Water use
  • Land management practices

2. Filter by

    1. Broad agricultural industry – crops, horticulture or livestock
    2. Category or commodity description

3. Explore the maps, charts and tables for more information

  • Hover over the state bar chart to see the Share of Australia
  • Hover over a region in the Regions map to see the region name, and share of Australia
  • Hover over a bar in the top regions to see the rank in Australia, relative standard error of the estimate and additional notes
  • Click on the Top regions bar to see the location in the Regions map

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About the Agricultural census

The main purpose of the Agricultural Census is to provide benchmark information on agricultural industries. The ABS collects agricultural census data every 5 years from agricultural businesses that are recorded in the ABS’ Business Register and have an estimated value of their agricultural operations of $40,000 or greater.

The visualisations used the following ABS data products:

The ABS publish the data at a number of levels. The visualisations are reported at:

  • Statistical Areas Level 2 (SA2): SA2s are medium-sized general purpose areas built up from whole Statistical Areas Level 1. Their purpose is to represent a community that interacts together socially and economically. There are 2,310 SA2s in Australia of which 1,061 report agriculture.
  • State or territories
  • Australia

Gross value of production

Production, area, number and yield​

Number of businesses

Water use

Land management practices

Last reviewed:
13 Feb 2019