​​​​​​We have a range of online data tools and models to you make decisions for your business or service, whether it’s in agriculture, forestry, or fisheries.

The Monitor

Use The Monitor to explore climatic, production, biophysical and economic data sets for more than 600 regions throughout Australia. The Monitor allows​ you to generate reports and map the various spatial, temporal and point-based datasets across a range of scales.


Looking for data on agricultural industries? Our online tool allows you to select information from broadacre, broadacre size and dairy databases, drilling down to key information groups, such as socio-economic group, population and financial performance.

Beef, lamb and sheep industries data

Want to know the size of the national herd? ABARES farm survey data on the beef, slaughter lambs and sheep industries is available.

Multi-Criteria Analysis Shell for Spatial Decision Support - MCAS-S Version 3.1

Download MCAS-S to analyse and compare complex spatial information without the need for specialised training or technical support.


You can use Climatch to predict the potential range of a species. This model matches climate data from weather stations where the species occurs to climate data from weather stations in other selected regions.

Rainfall to Pasture Growth Outlook Tool

Developed by ABARES for Meat and Livestock Australia, the Rainfall to Pasture Growth Outlook Tool will help you access rainfall, soil moisture and pasture growth information to make more accurate grazing decisions.

Australian Natural Resources Data Library

Find and download data on a variety of natural resource subjects from our products library.

Rainfall Reliability Wizard

Estimate rainfall reliability, rainfall means, and rainfall variability with this online tool, which uses historical data from January 1900.