​​​​The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences is the research arm of the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. ABARES provides professionally independent research, analysis, forecasting and statistics on the agriculture, fisheries and forestry sectors to government and private sector decision-makers.

ABARES has a wealth of expertise in applied economic and scientific research, developing innovative modelling techniques, undertaking comprehensive surveys and developing internationally recognised data management processes. The bureau also provides integrated socio-economic and biophysical analysis to address the policy issues facing Australia's primary industries today and into the future.

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Our capabilities

ABARES delivers independent economic and scientific research and analysis to a range of stakeholders. ABARES innovative research outputs combine current thinking from relevant disciplines that are presented in publications and reports, data compilations, databases, and presentations at conferences and workshops.

ABARES has staff with skills across a range of economic, science and social-science disciplines, including in the areas of scientific and economic analysis and modelling, data (including survey) collection and statistical analysis, risk assessment and management, geographical mapping, particularly in areas related to natural resource management, commodity and market analysis, and integrated analysis.

Our people

Our stakeholders

We have a diverse range of clients encompassing the agriculture, food, forest, fisheries, productivity and water sectors. They include federal and state government department's and agencies, portfolio-related companies and agencies, research and development corporations, and industry groups.

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