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​​ Vegetables: ABARES’s latest survey of vegetable growing farm businesses, conducted from March to June 2016, has found the 2015-16 average farm cash income of Australian vegetable-growing farms in 2015-16 is estimated to have increased to about $249 000 a farm.

Vegetable cash receipts increased as a result of higher vegetable production, mainly from an increase in crop yields. As a result, the average rate of return (excluding capital appreciation) of Australian vegetable-growing farms increased to 3.0 per cent in 2014-15 and 3.6 per cent in 2015-16.


Beef: Our special report into the South American beef industry profiles the beef industries of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, including their growth over the past two decades. The report includes forward looking scenario analysis undertaken to assess the potential impacts of this region to Australia's future beef exports.

Farm share: We’ve examined Australian and international experience in monitoring farmgate and retail prices for food products. Our report outlines a simple methodology to monitor farm shares and farm-to-retail price spreads for food products, and investigates the potential to apply the methodology to Australian data. ​

Research topics

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31 Mar 2017