ABARES Insights

​The ABARES Insights series provides an evidence-based context for discussion of industry issues and complement our current analytical reports, forecasts, and statistical series.

ABARES Insights will be short highly accessible publications providing ‘snapshots’ or ‘stocktakes’ of agricultural, forestry and fisheries industries, or exploring current issues of interest. 

They give access to existing ABARES knowledge and understanding of agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries and the issues they face.

An ABARES Insights paper will complement our deeper and more technical research reports, which are generally aimed at a more specialist audience and seek to expand or deepen the stock of knowledge. 

ABARES Insights papers

Analysis of 2018 Drought​

This brief is based on a presentation by ABARES’ Executive Director to the National Drought Summit in October 2018 describing the effects of the current drought on Australian agriculture. The brief summarises the extent of rainfall deficiencies and the effects on crop production, livestock markets and farm incomes.

Snapshot of Australian Agriculture 2018​

The Snapshot of Australian Agriculture draws on previously published statistics and insights into key issues facing the industry: the contribution of agriculture to the economy; trends in production, industry structure, and exports; and issues in productivity and risk management. 

Last reviewed:
30 Oct 2018