Publications schedule

Public Holidays: Tuesday 1 January, Monday 28 January, Monday 11 March, Friday 19 April, Monday 22 April, Wednesday 25 April, Monday 27 May, Monday 10 June, Monday 7 October, Wednesday 25 December, Thursday 26 December


February 2019
DateRelease title
Tuesday 19Australian crop report — February 2019

March 2019
DateRelease title
Tuesday 5 - Wednesday 6Outlook 2019
Tuesday 5Agricultural commodities — March quarter 2019

June 2019
DateRelease title
Wednesday 12Australian crop report — June 2019 (due to public holiday on Monday 10 June)
Tuesday 18Agricultural commodities – June quarter 2019

September 2019
DateRelease title
Tuesday 10Australian crop report — September 2019
Tuesday 17Agricultural commodities — September quarter 2019

December 2019
DateRelease title
Tuesday 3Australian crop report — December 2019
Tuesday 10Agricultural commodities — December quarter 2019
Tuesday 17​Agricultural Commodity Statistics 2019​

Reports to be released during 2019

ABARES will release the following publications during this calendar year at dates to be determined:

  • Fishery status reports 2019
  • Australian fisheries economic indicators reports
  • Australian fisheries and aquaculture statistics reports
  • Farm survey results reports on farm financial performance, investment, debt, vegetable-growing farms, grain farms, beef farms, lamb farms, the dairy industry, irrigated industries (rice, cotton, dairy, grapes and horticulture)
  • Australian forest and wood products statistics quarterly reports
  • Australia’s State of the Forests report 2018
  • Regional Forest Agreements: reservation and resource availability outcomes
  • the ABARES Insights series.
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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