​​​​​Latest data releases

Catchment scale land use of Australia – Update December 2018

Released 19 March 2019

The dataset provides the best available land use mapping information for Australia’s regions. It is used for research into agricultural productivity and sustainability, biodiversity conservation, biosecurity, land use planning, natural disaster management and natural resource management.

Catchment scale land use of Australia – ​Commodities – Update December 2018

Released 19 March 2019

This dataset complements the Catchment Scale Land Use of Australia dataset and can be used to identify, map and analyse (selected) agricultural commodities (where available). Commodity information can be extracted or combined with other spatial datasets to provide new insights and analysis concerning land use in Australia.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Data sets​

Find data sets from our key research areas.

Improving agricultural statistics

The Department of Agriculture is committed to delivering accurate, timely and reliable analysis and data about Australian agriculture. As the department’s research arm, ABARES is working with the​ Australian Bureau of Statistics to modernise the agricultural statistics system. Modernisation will ensure the long term sustainability of the system by reducing survey burden, particularly for farmers, reducing data collection costs and improving the quality of statistics.

For more information on the modernisation process and latest news, visit the Improving agricultural statistics​ webpage.

Australian Agricultural Census 2015-16 visualisations

This series of visualisations is based on the most recent agricultural census data collected by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for 2015-16.

The visualisations are designed to​ showcase the Agricultural Census data in a simple and intuitive way – as maps and charts with a focus on national, state and regional summaries for:


AgSurf – data on agricultural industries

Photo of two people looking at a laptop while standing in a field

Looking for data on agricultural industries? Our online tool allows you to select information from broadacre and dairy databases, drilling down to key information groups, such as socio-economic group, population and financial performance.

Beef, lamb and sheep industries data

Photo of a person standing in a cattle yard.

Want to know about meat and livestock farms? ABARES farm survey data on the beef, slaughter lambs and sheep industries is available.

Australian Natural Resources Data Library

Photo of seed propogation

Find and download data on a variety of natural resource subjects from our products library.

Software downloads

MCAS-S – spatial decision support software

Download Multi-Criteria Analysis Shell for Spatial Decision Support Version 3.1 to analyse and compare complex spatial information.

Start using MCAS-S by downloading the Australian national map layers or the MCAS-S data portal.

Last reviewed: 10 December 2019
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