ABARES Insights

​​​​​​The ABARES Insights series provides an evidence-based context for discussion of industry issues and complement our current analytical reports, forecasts, and statistical series.

ABARES Insights will be short highly accessible publications providing ‘snapshots’ or ‘stocktakes’ of agricultural, forestry and fisheries industries, or exploring current issues of interest. 

They give access to existing ABARES knowledge and understanding of agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries and the issues they face.

An ABARES Insights paper will complement our deeper and more technical research reports, which are generally aimed at a more specialist audience and seek to expand or deepen the stock of knowledge. 

ABARES Insights papers

Australian farmers are adapting to climate change but there is more work ahead

The latest ABARES Insights report examines the effects of recent and possible future changes in climate on the profitability of Australian farms.

Published 29 July 2021



Snapshot of Australian Agriculture 2021

The Snapshot of Australian Agriculture 2021 draws on previously published statistics and insights into key issues facing the industry: the contribution of agriculture to the economy, trends in production, industry structure and productivity, risk management, agricultural employment, government support, trade and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Published 25 February 2021



Stocktake of megatrends shaping Australian agriculture: Insights

This ABARES Insights report sets out five megatrends, each of which is framed in terms of three component trends. The megatrends analysis confirms the fundamentals are in place to support agricultural growth, while identifying several challenges to be addressed.

Published 23 February 2021



Value creation in Australia through agricultural exports: playing to advantages

This ABARES Insights report analysis returns across the economy from agricultural exports, comparing different pathways for value creation, such as adding attributes or further downstream processing.

Published 15 December 2020



Opportunities from action on climate change: Insights

Australia’s farmers are well placed to benefit from global market changes as countries and businesses around the world act on and adapt to climate change, the latest ABARES Insights paper has found.

Published 10 December 2020



Free trade, competitiveness and a global world: How trade agreements are shaping agriculture

This paper explores how Australia's agricultural export performance over the past 15 years has been inextricably linked to the proliferation of free trade agreements (FTAs).

Published 11 September 2020



Analysis of water recovery in the Murray-Darling Basin released

This article provides an overview of the economic effects of water recovery on water prices and the irrigation sector in the southern Murray–Darling Basin (MDB).

Published 1 September 2020



Bushfires and pandemic spell tough road ahead for forestry and wood processing sectors

Major challenges for forestry and wood processors loom in the wake of summer’s bushfires and COVID-19, according to analysis in our latest ABARES Insights report.

Published 30 June 2020



Analysis of Australian agricultural trade and the COVID-19 pandemic

This report explores the impacts on agricultural trade from the COVID-19 pandemic. Australia’s agricultural trade has by and large continued unhindered by the COVID-19 pandemic. But for some sectors, such as those closely associated with food service and those reliant on air freight, there were some significant disruptions.

Published 5 June 2020



Where and how often fire occurred in Australia’s forest between 2011 and 2016

The latest ABARES Insights, ‘Stocktake of Fire in Australia’s forests, 2011 to 2016,’ covers where and how often fire occurred, what land and forest types were burnt, and whether fire was planned or unplanned.

Published 27 May 2020



Australian food security and the COVID-19 pandemic

The latest ABARES Insights says Australia does not have a food security problem, with Australia exporting about 70% of agricultural production and importing only about 10% of our food.

Published 17 April 2020



ABARES Insights: Analysis of opportunities in India

This ABARES Insights report provides analysis and modelling results of projected agricultural and food demand in India. This growth will bring opportunities for Australia's exporters.

Published 3 April 2020



Analysis of the effects of drought and climate variability on Australian farms

Our latest Insights report provides analysis on the effects of climate variability on Australian farms. It examines both short-term climate risks such as drought and longer-term shifts in climate conditions.

Published 18 December 2019



Forest industry’s key contribution to Australia’s economy detailed in new ABARES Insight

This Insights snapshot looks at the key aspects of Australia’s forest and sawmilling industries: forest area, log harvest, production, consumption, trade and industry structure.

Published 18 November 2019



New insights into Australia’s place in global agriculture and food value chains ​

This Snapshot examines how global value chains have created new opportunities for Australian agriculture and how they are important for further opening of import markets.

Published 19 September 2019



Comparing United States and Australia’s agriculture sectors ​

This Insights report compares the Australian and US agricultural sectors, briefly profiles US agricultural policy, and highlights Australia’s exposure to shifts in global markets from the US-China trade war.

Published 6 September 2019



Snapshot of Australian Water Markets

The Snapshot of Australian Water Markets describes the main features of Australia’s water markets and details key factors influencing water prices in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Published 18 April 2019



Analysis of the Future of Chinese agricultural policy​

This brief – Analysis of the Future of Chinese agricultural policy – summarises research into major changes in policy direction since 2017. It analyses new policy directions in China’s agricultural policy, such as supply side reforms, present key opportunities and challenges for Australian agriculture.

Published 14 February 2019



Snapshot of Australia’s Commercial Fisheries and Aquaculture​

This brief contains an overview of Australia’s commercial fisheries and aquaculture industries and six key aspects of Australian commercial fisheries and aquaculture including: industry structure, trends in production, trade, consumption, sustainability and innovation.

Published 18 December 2018



Snapshot of Australia’s Agricultural Workforce

This snapshot describes Australia’s agricultural workforce, providing key information and statistics in one place. We cover where workers live, what sub-industries and occupations they work in, and the mobility and educational attainment of the workforce.



Analysis of 2018 Drought​

This brief is based on a presentation by ABARES’ Executive Director to the National Drought Summit in October 2018 describing the effects of the current drought on Australian agriculture. The brief summarises the extent of rainfall deficiencies and the effects on crop production, livestock markets and farm incomes.

Published 26 October 2018

Last reviewed: 29 July 2021
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