Australian forest and wood products statistics

March and June quarters 2020

About this report

ABARES Australian forest and wood products statistics (AFWPS) is a compendium of data on key indicators of activity in the Australian forest and wood products sector, such as:

Data visualisation

Source: ABARES

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Scope and coverage

The AFWPS datasets include a number of long time series including as far back as 1939 for commercial plantations, as well as comprehensive coverage of current period data for the entire industry.

The data is represented at the state, national and international scale for forestry imports and exports.

For the gross value of production (GVP) value and volume data, the Australian Capital Territory’s data is combined with New South Wales. Northern Territory data is combined with Western Australia for confidentiality.

The list of regions covered are outlined in Table 1 below for domestic and international. The majority of the datasets are not modelled or estimated by ABARES, except for gross roundwood equivalent consumption and sawnwood production. In some instances, it may have been necessary to estimate incomplete data. Where this estimation has occurred, this will be reported in the notes section of the published dataset. The notes section also provides a description of each dataset and its limitations

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Table 1 List of Domestic regions

Dataset NSW VIC QLD SA WA TAS NT ACT Australia International
Native Forest Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Production                 Yes  
Census employment                 Yes  
Plantations Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Dwelling units commenced                 Yes  
Apparent consumption of wood products                 Yes  
Value and volume of logs harvested Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Gross roundwood equivalent consumption                 Yes  
Industry sales                 Yes  
Industry value added                 Yes  
Sawnwood production Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes        
Imports                   Yes
Exports                   Yes

Table 2 List of ABS forestry data

Dataset Data detail Source
Industry sales By industry, state, time series ABS, Australian Industry, cat. no. 8155.0, Canberra; ABS, Experimental Estimates for the Manufacturing Industry, various years, cat. no. 8159.0, Canberra.
Industry value added By industry, time series
Wages and salaries By industry, time series
Census Employment By industry, time series ABS, Census of Population and Housing, 2006, 2011, 2016, Canberra.
Dwellings Commenced By state, time series ABS, Building Activity, Australia, cat. no. 8752.0, Canberra.
Apparent Consumption By product, time series ABARES; state and territory forest services; forest industry associations; private industry; ABS, Canberra.
Recovered Paper By product, trade, time series ABARES; ABS, Information Consultancy Services, 2007, cat. no. 9920.0, Canberra.

Download the datasets technical report and dataset

Australian forest and wood products statistics datasets 2020 technical report – PDF [932 KB]

Australian forest and wood products statistics datasets 2020 technical report – MS Word [1.73 MB]

Australian forest and wood products March to June quarter 2020 dataset – XLSX [41.3 MB]

Australian forest and wood products: log harvest 2018-19 infographic – PDF [3.5 MB]

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Last reviewed: 25 November 2020
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