Pathways to sustainable and productive agriculture

An Australian perspective

Authors: Steve Hatfield-Dodds, Jared Greenville, Kevin Burns and Rhys Downham


The Australian Mission to the European Union held a webinar titled ‘EU-Australia farming: one goal, many paths to sustainability’ on 28 October 2020. ABARES was an invited participant by DAWE’s Brussels post, with ABARES Executive Director Steve Hatfield-Dodds taking part.

The presentation for the webinar has been published as an ABARES conference paper.

Key Issues

The published conference paper is a PDF version of the PowerPoint used during the webinar. The presentation outlines visually the following messages:

  • While approaches to sustainability vary between the EU and Australia, both countries have common goals and have made significant efforts to ensure sustainable agricultural production.
  • Australia is both a biodiverse country and a significant sustainable agricultural producer
  • Australia’s key strengths relate to working with nature and not against it, fostered by a policy environment that lets market forces govern sustainable input and land use
  • Australia is one of a very few countries internationally that has established a water market to allocate scarce water resources and allow for environmental flow
  • Australia’s agricultural innovation system is key to improving sustainability outcomes for the sector
  • Greater trade and cooperation between the EU and Australia will foster better outcomes for both economies and societies.

Download the presentation

Pathways to sustainable and productive agriculture: an Australian perspective.PDF
Pathways to sustainable and productive agriculture: an Australian perspective.DOCX

Last reviewed: 18 November 2020
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