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Stocktake of general surveillance initiatives

Output from the stocktake of general surveillance initiatives across Australia and New Zealand

The listing below contains the programs identified from the stocktake of general surveillance initiatives across Australia and New Zealand that was undertaken in early 2019 as part of Phase 1.

The research team would much welcome hearing from you if you are aware of a general surveillance initiative that is not listed.  To do so, please contact the Biosecurity Program using 'Add general surveillance program' in the subject line.

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General surveillance related to protecting animal industries

Initiative State/Territory
Abattoir and Saleyard Surveillance VIC
Annual Footrot Survey - Local Land Services NSW
Apiculture Surveillance NZ
APL Evidence of Absence Australia
Bee Pathogen Program NZ
Biosecurity and Supply Chains NSW
Biosecurity SA PIRSA Prevention of New Incursions Program SA
Cattle Tick Surveillance Program NT
Control of Johne’s disease (JD) in cattle in Western Australia WA
Disease Recognition, Reporting and Communication Training for Small Abattoirs Supplying the Domestic Market Project NSW
District Veterinarians - Local Land Services NSW
Eastern Wheatbelt Biosecurity Group Inc. SA
Emergency Animal Disease Surveillance NSW
Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline 1800 675 888 Australia
Enhanced Abattoir Surveillance Program SA
Ewe Abortion and Newborn Lamb Deaths Surveillance Program WA
Fisheries and Aquaculture Commercial Reporting App SA
Grazing Beef Industry Surveillance Project Australia
Johnes Disease Surveillance in Cattle WA
Knackery Surveillance Project VIC
Live Animal and Germplasm Export Testing Initiative NZ
Livestock Disease Investigation Services DPIR NT
Livestock Health Monitoring Project TAS
Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) Program Australia
Livestock Surveillance Champion NSW
Local Disease Surveillance - Local Land Services NSW
Local Land Services Heifer and Ewe Health Project NSW
National Sheep Health Monitoring Project Australia
Non-English Speaking Background - Healthy Pigs NSW
Notifiable Disease Legislation Australia
Pest Predator Monitoring Program NSW
Rangeland Monitoring NT
Rural Practitioner Enhanced Disease Surveillance SA
Signficant Disease Investigation Programs Australia
Strengthening Passive Surveillance - Animal Health NZ
Surveillance Champion Project QLD TAS NSW
Surveillance Smartphone App Project Australia

General surveillance related to protecting the environment

Initiative State/Territory
Barrow Island Non-indigenous Species WA
Deer Monitoring - South East Local Land Services NSW
European Wasp Surveillance and Eradication Program WA
Friends of Scott Creek Conservation Park on-Park Activities SA
Lord Howe Island Biosecurity NSW
National Avian Influenza in Wild Birds Surveillance Program - General Surveillance Component Australia
National Wildlife Health Surveillance Program Australia
Peri-urban Environmental Biosecurity Network NSW
Trees For Life SA
European wasp: Adopt-a-trap initiative WA

Remember to also check the programs listed under 'Multiple sectors'

General surveillance related to protecting marine resources and aquaculture

Initiative State/Territory
Biosecurity Queensland Marine Pest Prevention and Preparedness, Education and Awareness Campaign QLD
Early Detection Invasive Marine Pest Ports Monitoring, Queensland QLD
Feral or in Peril? SA
FishWatch SA SA
FishWatch WA WA
Gippsland Lakes Project VIC
Gulf St Vincent Commercial Prawn Fishing SA
NZ Marine Metered Squared NZ
PestWatch WA WA
Recreational Fishing Guide app SA SA
Reefwatch SA
Wallerawang Lake Wallace Gone Fishing and Redfin awareness day NSW

Remember to also check the programs listed under 'Multiple sectors'

General surveillance related to protecting multiple industries

Initiative State/Territory
Aldinga Khaki weed program in the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges SA
Atlas of Living Australia Australia
Botanic Gardens Biosecurity Network VIC
Far South Coast Conservation Management Network NSW
FeralScan (incl. WildDog, Deer, Rabbit, Feral cats, Fox, Feral Pig, Myna, Toad, Mouse, Camel, Feral goat, Feral fish, Starling, most unwanted) Australia
Fraser Coast Regional Council Biosecurity Surveillance Program QLD
General Biosecurity Obligation QLD
Girringun Biosecurity and Coastal Surveillance QLD
High Risk Invasive Animals - Passive Surveillance VIC
High Risk Invasive Animals - Smart Surveillance VIC
High Risk Invasive Animals / Native Wildlife trafficking done through Crime Stoppers Victoria VIC
Impacts of Rabbit K Virus VIC
Local Government Biosecurity Act Pest Plant and Animal Surveillance QLD
MyPestGuide Surveillance System WA
NAQS General Surveillance NT QLD WA
NRM District Pest Invasion Pathway Surveys SA
NZ National General Surveillance Program (hotline) NZ
Opportunistic animal and plant disease diagnosis and investigations NSW
Pest Animal Program North West Local Land Service NSW
Pest Audit - Annual QLD
PestFax WA
Port Botany Council Surveillance NSW
Tasmania Farm Biosecurity Engagement Project TAS
Townsville Yellow Crazy Ant Taskforce QLD
Vertebrate Pest Monitoring Program QLD
Yellow Crazy Ant Eradication QLD

General surveillance related to protecting plant industries

Initiative State/Territory
Exotic Plant Pest Hotline 1800 084 881 Australia
Urban Plant Health Network VIC
National Forest Pest Surveillance Program - General Surveillance Australia
NZ Fruit fly Surveillance NZ
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Campaign NZ
Mango Industry Monitoring and Surveillance Australia
Biosecurity Engagement with Non English Speaking Growers NT
Staff Survey Tomato Potato Psyllid, NSW NSW
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug – Public campaign NSW
Grains Farm Biosecurity Program - General Surveillance NSW
National Integrated Pest and Disease Manual for Apple and Pear VIC
CropSafe VIC
2020-2021 Adopt-a-Trap Multi-Pest Survey TAS
Adopt-a-trap to monitor for tomato potato psyllid SA

Remember to also check the programs listed under 'Multiple sectors'

General surveillance related to weeds

Initiative State/Territory
Amazon Frogbit General Surveillance NSW
Boerhavia erecta eradication program NT
Established Weeds Project Surveillance SA
General Flora Survey NT
General weed control project delivery Australia
Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority - Monitoring weeds VIC
Invasive Species Prevention and Early Intervention (I-SPEI) SA
Lantana Expansion on Road Ways Australia
National Weed Spread Prevention Initiative Australia
Parthenium weed NT
Redland Invasive Plants Monitoring and Compliance QLD
Stronger Pest Animal and Weed Collaboration in the Southern Gulf Region QLD
Victorian Weeds in the Early Stages of Invasion (WESI) VIC
Weed Control App SA SA
Weed Management Program Ports QLD
Weed Spotters Network Queensland QLD
Weeds Action Program 2015-20 NSW
Weeds at the Early Stage of Invasion (WESI) project VIC
Weeds of National Significance (WoNS) Australia
Willow Control on Waterways in West Gippsland (informal) VIC
Sydney Weeds Network - Report Invasive Plants NSW


Last reviewed: 16 December 2020
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