2018 Science Award Partners

​​​​​​​Advice from sponsors to assist you in completing your application

AgriFutures Australia

Image of AgriFutures Australia logo

AgriFutures Australia is the new trading name for the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation. Our vision is to grow the long-term prosperity of Australian rural industries by investing in:

  • Initiatives that attract capable people into careers in agriculture, build the capability of future rural leaders, and support change makers and thought leaders.
  • Research and analysis to understand and address important issues on the horizon for Australian agriculture.
  • Research and development for established industries that do not have their own Research and Development Corporation (RDC), including the rice, chicken meat, honey bee and pollination, thoroughbred horse, pasture seeds, export fodder, ginger and tea tree oil industries.
  • Research and development to accelerate the establishment and expansion of new rural industries, such as deer, buffalo, kangaroo and camel milk.

A complete list of industries in the AgriFutures Australia portfolio is available on the website.

AgriFutures Australia invites applications from young people that will further our knowledge and understanding of innovations that could contribute to the growth and development of Australia’s rural industries. Applications should align with the AgriFutures Australia Strategic R&D Plan 2017-2022, available at www.agrifutures.com.au.

Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Image of Australian Meat Processor Corporation logo

The Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) is the rural Research and Development Corporation that supports the red meat processing industry throughout Australia. AMPC’s mandate is to provide research, development and extension services that improve the sustainability and efficiency of the sector.

Red meat processor levies are strategically invested in research, development and extension programs that are aligned to targeted marketing initiatives. These programs deliver outcomes and benefits for both the Australia red meat processing industry and the broader Australia community. 

Visit the AMPC website.

Australian Pork Limited

Image of Australian Pork Ltd logo

APL would like to hear from young people wishing to develop a career in the pork industry or further develop their scientific skills by undertaking a project of relevance to the Australian industry.  Applicants should also consider opportunities to enhance their networks within the science community and pork industry, both nationally and internationally.  Applicants are encouraged to read APL’s 2015-2020 Strategic Plan and align their application with APL's 2016/17 R&D Priorities in one or more of the four priority areas – marketing, supply chain and product quality; production and welfare; environmental management and quality assurance, biosecurity and food safety. For a copy of the R&D Priorities email APL at Research.

Visit the APL website.

Australian Wool Innovation

Image of Australian Wool Innovation logo

Australian Wool Innovation is responsible for delivering the research, development, extension and marketing functions for the Australian wool industry. In carrying out this role, AWI invests along the global supply chain for Australian wool – from woolgrowers to consumers – to deliver outcomes that benefit Australian woolgrowers.

Project areas for applicants should focus on the strategies and programs identified in the AWI 2016/17 – 2018/19 Strategic Plan. Only RD&E projects will be considered.

Visit www.wool.com

Cotton Research and Development Corporation

Image of Cotton Research and Development Corporation logo

The 2018 Science and Innovation Awards are supported by the Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC) as part of its commitment to investing in research, development and extension (RD&E) for the world-leading Australian cotton industry.

CRDC invests along the entire cotton supply chain - from the farm to the customer. One of its core focus areas is its investment in people: ensuring capable and connected people drive the cotton industry. As such, CRDC supports and rewards young scientists for their exploration of concepts and creation of new knowledge in the pursuit of scientific breakthroughs – like the 2016 Science and Innovation Award recipient Yvonne Chang, who took a novel look at increasing soil organic carbon in cotton, and the 2017 recipient Dr Priscilla Johnston who is helping cotton growers make the most of available water resources through the introduction of a new ‘smart’ polymer.

CRDC strongly believes in investing in the cotton industry’s most important resource – people – to help it achieve its vision for a globally competitive and responsible cotton industry, delivered through RD&E.

Visit the CRDC website.

CSIRO Health and Biosecurity

Image of CSIRO Biosecurity Flagship logo

With increasing global trade and greater connections, Australia is facing a growing challenge to guard against biosecurity threats. Diseases, pests, invasive animals and plants can inflict damage to our crops, livestock and farm profits, and unique environment, while emerging infectious disease threaten human health.

CSIRO assembles strong multi-disciplinary research teams under the banner of one-Health – the integration of multiple disciplines working to achieve optimal health for people, animals, plants, the economy and environment – to tackle major national and international biosecurity challenges.

We are working with government and industry to assist in responding quickly to stop threats in their tracks and provide sustainable management strategies. We are exploring new technologies for detection, surveillance, diagnosis and response for invasive organisms, while also lifting preparedness for the next human pandemic.

Overall we aim for a biosecurity system that is pre-emptive, responsive, resilient, and based on cutting edge surveillance, informatics and new technologies for integrated response.

Visit the CSIRO Health and Biosecurity website.

Dairy Australia

Image of Dairy Australia logo

Dairy Australia is the national services body for the dairy industry, whose primary responsibility is to support and facilitate the development of a profitable dairy business sector.

To this end Dairy Australia invests in research, development and extension programs and activities on behalf of dairy levy payers, returning an estimated $3 benefit for every $1 levy dollar raised.

Dairy Australia funds a range of pre-competitive programs that are critical to the future of the industry. Many of these activities would not occur without the critical mass of funds created by pooling levies and government funds. Typical programs include RD&E in the areas of animals, feeding and breeding science and technology and their adoption by dairy farmers; enhancing people capability; trade and regulatory support and pre-competitive dairy marketing and promotion. 

A $13 billion farm, manufacturing and export industry, dairy is the third largest Australian rural industry by value.  Australia produces around 9 billion litres of milk a year, 34% of which is exported predominantly to Asian countries. This accounts for 6% of world dairy trade valued at $3 billion. The remaining 67% of Australia’s milk is consumed in the domestic market. 

Australia’s dairy industry is recognised globally for its excellence in innovation with productivity increasing significantly through improved pasture, feed, herd management and efficiency gains in manufacturing, distribution and exports. The industry encourages and nurtures young innovators and offers them exciting career prospects.  

The Science and Innovation Award is an example of awards which have encouraged innovative individuals to pursue rewarding dairy careers.

Further information is available on the Dairy Australia website

Fisheries Research and Development Corporation

Image of Fisheries Research and Development Corporation logo

The FRDC's vision is for Australia to have vibrant fishing and aquaculture sectors which adopt world-class research to achieve sustainability and prosperity. “Prosperity” in this sense encompasses not only the financial wellbeing of the commercial sector but also the many social and environmental values related to the commercial, recreational and indigenous customary sectors.

The FRDC recognises that it is vitally important to support young people to develop the knowledge and capabilities to assist the fishing industry to reach its potential. The fishing industry faces significant challenges, but it also provides enormous opportunities to build a rewarding career. The person we are looking for to receive an FRDC sponsored award will have a great idea, will be a great role model for young people to further their interest in science, and be keen to use this opportunity to build their networks with other researchers, the FRDC and with industry. 

We encourage applicants to obtain a copy of the FRDC’s RD&E Plan 2015-2020 by phoning our office on 02 6285 0400 or visit FRDC website for more information.

Grains Research and Development Corporation

Image of Grains Research and Development Corporation logo

The grains industry plays a vital role in Australia’s economy, comprising 24 percent of total agricultural exports.

The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) supports the industry through investing in research, development and extension (RD&E) to create enduring profitability for Australian grain growers.

The GRDC invests over $190 million in around 760 RD&E projects to directly benefit growers across a broad range of research areas – from molecular biology to farming systems. The GRDC’s investments deliver results and the aim is to continually break new ground for growers.

GRDC is working to ensure Australian grain growers have:

  • better practices developed faster
  • access to superior varieties that enable them to effectively compete in global markets
  • new products and services (both on and off farm) to assist growers to effectively compete in global grain markets
  • the awareness and capacity to optimise adoption of grains research outputs.

For more information visit the GRDC website.

Meat & Livestock Australia

Image of Meat & Livestock Australia logo

MLA is a research, development and marketing service provider to the Australian red meat and livestock industry.  Funded by levy payers, the Australian Government and value chain partners, MLA’s mission is to increase prosperity, sustainability and global competitiveness within and across the industry’s value chain.

For more information visit the MLA website.

Wine Australia

Image of Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation logo

Australian wine is authentic, exciting and bold – just like the people who create it.

With a vision for Australia to be recognised as the world’s pre-eminent wine producer, Wine Australia supports the Australian grape and wine community by investing in research, development and extension (RD&E); encouraging growth in domestic and international markets and protecting the reputation of Australian wine.

We are funded by grapegrowers and winemakers through levies and export charges, and by the Australian Government, which provides matching funding for R&D investments.

Our support of the Science and Innovation Awards is one example of our commitment to the development of the next generation of researchers, experts and leaders who will help to drive the Australian grape and wine community's future.

Applicants are encouraged to visit the Wine Australia website and view the priorities and strategies outlined in our Strategic Plan 2015–2020 when developing applications. 

Last reviewed:
04 Sep 2017