QLUMP land use survey app

​The Queensland Land Use Mapping Program (QLUMP) enables the capture of ‘citizen science data’ from project partners, industry experts and citizens in a reliable and easy-to-use application from smart-devices. The Land Use Survey App was developed by QLUMP as a part of Horticulture Innovation Australia’s (HIA) National Tree Project.

The Land Use Survey App captures on-ground observations made by growers and the general public. The simple interface allows users to capture a location, add comments and add a photograph to assist QLUMP identify tree crops around the country.

QLUMP land use survey app image 

Industry engagement web map

web map interface has been created for industry experts, stakeholders and the wider public to review the draft mapping and contribute valuable comments to inform the mapping. The spatial data from these two products will greatly inform the mapping of avocado, macadamia and mango tree crops, especially when classifying one tree crop from another.

Map screenshot.png 

Data helping industry

Collaboration in action

Horticulture Innovation Australia’s (HIA) National Tree Project is an excellent example of a collaborative project involving State Government departments, Universities and industry bodies. Participating stakeholder groups are federally funded through the Rural R&D for Profit program.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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