​​​​​​​​​​​The Australian Collaborative Land Use and Management Program (ACLUMP) promotes the development of nationally consistent land use and land management practices information for Australia.

ACLUMP is overseen by the National Committee on Land Use and Management Information (NCLUMI), a consortium of Australian and state government partners (see Terms of Reference​ for more details).

The main activities for ACLUMP are:

  • Mapping - nationally consistent land use mapping for Australia at both 'national' and 'catchment' scale.
  • Coordination & standards - agreed technical standards, including the Australian Land Use and Management Classification and the national Land Use Management Information System (LUMIS).
  • Communication and dissemination - a national land use data directory and the maintenance of land use datasets on Australian and State government data repositories.
  • Analysis and reporting - regional and national reporting of land use and land management practices, including change reporting and integrated assessments.

Contact us

ACLUMP coordination / Land Use and Management Contact
Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences
Email ABARES Land Management
Phone: +61 2 6272 3933

Project Partners

Australian Government - Department of Agriculture Australian Government - Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences  Australian Bureau of StatisticsAustralian Government - Geoscience Australia   Australian Government - Murray Darling Basin Authority       CSIRO     New South Wales Government   Northern Territory Government DotEnE-inline-Black.png Queensland Government Tasmania - Explore the possibilities        ​             WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development logo   ​​​
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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