Fisheries economics

ABARES produces economic research which provides a comprehensive account of historical trends in, the outlook for, Australian fisheries, and specific reports into fisheries issues with economic impacts. Information and analysis contained in these reports are accessed by policy makers, managers, researchers and industry.

Latest research

Fishery Status Reports 2020

Fishery status reports 2020 provides an independent evaluation of the biological and economic status of fish stocks managed solely or jointly by the Australian Government.

This 25th edition of the Fishery status reports covers the biological status of 96 fish stocks across 22 fisheries, including those managed both solely and jointly by the by the Australian Government. The reports summarise the performance of these fisheries against the requirements of fisheries legislation and policy.

The fisheries assessed in the Fishery status reports 2019 generated an estimated gross value of production of $437 million in 2018-19, which is 12 per cent of Australia's total fisheries and aquaculture gross value of production of $3.1 billion.

Published: 9 October 2020


Allocating fish stocks between commercial and recreational fishers — Examples from Australia and overseas

This report is a literature review of methods used for resource sharing of fish stocks between commercial and recreational fishers in Australia and around the world. The main finding of the literature review is that in Australia, the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Japan, resource allocation decisions are made on a case by case basis and involve various levels of advisory panels of experts and extensive consultations with industry representatives. There is no simple formula or method that can be employed to solve resource sharing problems.

Published: 26 May 2020


An assessment of the non-market value of avoiding marine pest incursions in Australia's waters

This report analyses public sentiment on the protection of the Australian environment from the impacts of new exotic marine pests. It shows that Australians place significant value on the health of the marine environment.

Published: 24 April 2018

Last reviewed: 7 October 2020
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