Historical Farm Management Deposits Statistics

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Note: legislation allowing primary producers to hold multiple FMD accounts with multiple financial institutions came into effect on 29 November 2011. As a result, the total number of accounts after that date may not indicate the true number of primary producers participating in the FMD Scheme. Prior to November 2011 primary producers were only allowed to hold their FMD accounts with one financial institution.

​​Quarter ending Number of accountsValue of FMDs held
Net change in the number
of FMD accounts
Net change in the value
of FMDs held
September 201948,3445,746,054(5,446)(1,008,725)
June 201953,7906,754,7794,5961,393,103
March 201949,1945,361,676(418)(39,684)
December 2018*49,6125,401,360(1,192)(105,669)
September 2018*50,8045,507,029(3,752)(1,109,810)
June 2018*54,5566,616,8395,0871,396,761
March 2018 a 49,4695,220,078(548)(25,842)
December 2017 a 50,0175,245,920(806)(56,544)
September 2017*50,8235,302,464(3,521)(808,137)
​June 2017*54,3446,110,601​7,6661,812,950
March 201746,6784,297,65127212,306
​​December 201646,4064,285,345(938)(47,965)
September 201647,3444,333,310(4043)(734,523)
​​June 201651,387​​5,067,8337,483​1,127,732​
March 201643,9043,940,101(814)(19,807)
December 201544,7183,959,908(625)(43,531)
September 201545,3434,003,439(3,170)(600,708)
​​June 2015 b​48,513​4,604,147​​6,3831,065,832​
March 2015 b42,1303,538,315(168)(9,230)
​December 2014 b42,330 3,547,547 (462) (51,508)
September 2014 b42,7923,599,055(2,918) (539,851)
June 201445,710 4,138,906 5,728 928,932
March 201439,982 3,209,974 (2,068) (13,964)
December 201342,0503,223,938(1,453)(55,915)
September 201343,5033,279,853(3,539)(440,953)
June 201347,0423,720,8064,455697,099
March 201342,5873,023,707(232)5
December 201242,8193,023,7024,565(54,266)
September 201238,2543,077,968(8,209)(454,134)
June 201246,4633,532,1024,746614,651
March 201241,7172,917,4513,814(14,545)
December 201137,9032,931,996(503)(39,485)
September 201138,4062,971,481(1,407)(244,908)
June 201139,8133,216,3896,105831,683
March 201133,7082,384,70616927,425
December 201033,5392,357,281(606)(58,044)
September 201034,1452,415,325(2,812)(368,175)
June 201036,9572,783,5001,873350,080
March 201035,0842,433,420(1,312)(50,521)
December 200936,3962,483,941(818)(77,244)
September 200937,2142,561,185(2,325)(281,813)
June 200939,5392,842,9981,498350,893
March 2009 c 38,0412,492,105(360)(19,841)
December 200838,4012,511,946(1,169)(55,136)
September 200839,5702,567,082(1,785)(311,686)
June 200841,355 2,878,768331549,023
March 200841,0242,329,745307(61,425)
December 200740,7172,391,1703,852(6,425)
September 200736,8652,397,595(3,709)(384,856)
June 200740,5742,782,4512,488447,846
March 200738,0862,334,605(461)(35,778)
December 200638,5472,370,3932,34479,112
September 2006d36,2032,291,281(6,162)(505,269)
June 2006 e42,3652,796,550782439,480
March 2006 e41,5832,357,0701,459(32,146)
December 200540,1242,389,216(691)(66,651)
September 200540,8152,455,867(2,747)(336,422)
June 200543,5622,792,2894,340552,565
March 200539,2222,239,724(1,358)(33,584)
December 2004 f40,5802,273,308(237)(49,888)
September 200440,8172,323,196(2,492)(295,415)
June 200443,3092,618,6114,596494,331
March 200438,7132,124,280(333)(25,355)
December 200339,0462,149,635(795)(68,790)
September 200339,8412,218,425(3,036)(261,772)
June 200342,8772,480,1973,448538,701
March 200339,4291,941,496(108)(14,043)
December 200239,5371,955,539(2,384)(15,813)
September 200241,9211,971,352(1,479)(102,464)
June 200243,4002,073,81619,188995,169
March 200224,2121,078,6471,09156,643
December 200123,1211,022,004213,436
September 200123,1001,018,568(28)(14,286)
June 200123,1281,032,8547,243389,973
March 200115,885642,881(381)10,616
December 200016,266632,26560712,137
September 200015,659620,12877329,752
June 200014,886590,3762,967136,009
March 200011,919454,3672,19071,331
December 19999,729383,0361,90270,815
September 19997,827312,2211,80583,574
June 19996,022228,6476,022228,647

These monthly FMD statistics are derived from data provided by Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions (ADIs) (such as banks and credit unions). These statistics may, due to the complex nature of FMDs, include a level of discrepancy, leading to a minor overstatement or understatement of the actual holdings eligible for the FMD taxation concessions. The Australian Government, acting through the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, has exercised due care in compiling this information. Notwithstanding, the department, its employees and advisers disclaim all liability, including liability for negligence, for any loss, damage, injury, expense or cost incurred by any person as a result of accessing, using or relying upon any of the information or data on FMDs to the maximum extent permitted by law.

Record of amendments

* The monthly statistics from June 2017 to February 2019 (as indicated by a * after the month) were amended on 25 July 2019 to address incorrect ANZSIC codes that were assigned to a significant number of accounts over this period by one financial institution.
a The number of accounts and value of holdings for October 2017, November 2017, December 2017, January 2018, February 2018, March 2018 and April 2018 were adjusted in June 2018. One financial institution submitted revised returns for these months because some FMD holdings were missing when they initially lodged the returns, due to an oversight by the financial institution.
bThe number of accounts and value of holdings for June 2015, March 2015, December 2014 and September 2014 were adjusted in February 2016, following the lodgement from one financial institution of revised returns with corrected ANZSIC codes (industry types).
cMarch 2009 quarter figures were adjusted to reduce duplication of holders with more than one account and attribute them to different commodities.
dThe September 2006 total was not adjusted and does not include data with incomplete location and industry description details.
eMarch and June 2006 quarters’ number of holders figures were adjusted to reflect discrepancies found during a transition to a new process for reporting FMDs.
fDecember 2004 quarter figures were revised as a result of four financial institutions discovering previous errors in their reporting systems which were adjusted at the commencement of the March 05 quarter. Specifically, December 2004 quarter figures were adjusted downward by $1,817,000 in aggregate FMD holdings and by 1,052 FMD holders.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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