FOODmap: An analysis of the Australian food supply chain

​​FOODmap is a comprehensive comparative analysis of food distribution channels for major categories within the Australian food industry, from food producer to consumer.  It summarises the key features of a food industry that continues to undergo change, with significant opportunities and challenges at a category level.

The FOODmap publication contains:

  • an outline of the major changes affecting retail food markets and their supply chains
  • a mapping of the structure of food distribution chains in the Australian food industry
  • a mapping of volumes of product  flow through value chains at a food category level
  • identification of drivers of volume and value for major food groups within each of the channels
  • an outline of the effects of consumer behaviour on the structure of the retail food market
  • an assessment of the relative self-sufficiency and stability in food supply, and
  • identification of the exposure to volatility for the major food and beverage categories.

'FOODmap: An analysis of the Australian food supply chain' has been prepared by food industry specialists Freshlogic for the department. This report builds on 'FOODmap: A comparative analysis of Australian food distribution channels', published in 2007.​

Errata (30 July 2012)

FOODmap: A comparative analysis of Australian food distribution channels 2007 PDF  [2 MB, 95 pages]

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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