Supporting Agricultural Showmen and Women Program

The Australian Government has committed $4.28 million in the 2021-22 Budget through the Supporting Agricultural Showmen and Women Program to ensure showmen and women can continue to support agricultural shows across Australia as the show circuit resumes.

Agricultural shows and field days are an important part of Australian culture. They bring communities together and help bridge the divide between country and city. Agricultural shows and field days play an important role in supporting on-farm innovation, productivity and profitability.


There are 580 agricultural shows nationwide, that contribute $1 billion to the economy, attract 6 million visitors and are serviced by 500,000 volunteers.

The business models of agricultural shows and travelling showmen and women depend on each other. Together they provide significant social and economic benefits to regional communities and agricultural industries. Agricultural shows rely on income from rent paid by vendors and exhibitors, and ticket sales paid by participants which are driven by the goods and services provided by travelling showmen and women. In turn, agricultural shows provide the physical and organisational infrastructure needed by showmen and women to operate.

The Supporting Agricultural Showmen and Women Program will help eligible travelling show businesses meet operational costs, such as show rental fees, to enable them to get back on the road and support more agricultural shows across Australia into the future.


This program builds on previous assistance the Government has provided to agricultural shows through the $20 million Regional Agricultural Showground Development Program and the $39 million Supporting Agricultural Shows and Field Days Program.

More details will be announced soon.

Last reviewed: 17 May 2021
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