Round 2 RFPIPP grant recipients

​​Note: all figures are GST exclusive

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New South Wales

Australian Vintage Limited, Buronga — $689, 812
Australian Vintage Limited will use its funding to design and develop new process technologies for manufacturing low alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, utilising a by-product from wine production.

Macadamia Processing Company Ltd — $1,791,926
The Macadamia Processing Company will develop a new macadamia shelling technology that reduces kernel damage and increases high quality yields.


Coral Sea Farms Australia Pty Ltd, Macknade — $347,000
Coral Sea Farms Australia will adopt new individual quick freezing (IQF) technology for processing a diverse range of seafood products, on the same processing line, without the use of salt brines.

South Australia

South Australian Potato Company, Mt Barker — $103, 979
The South Australian Potato Company will adopt innovative grading technology to increase the speed and accuracy of its fresh potato grading systems.

Blue Lake Milling Pty Ltd, Bordertown — $2,000,000
Blue Lake Milling’s project involves the adoption of new oat processing technology that will improve yields and productivity while reducing wear and tear on machinery. 

Taste Master, Lonsdale — $730,834
Taste Master will use its grant funding to develop an innovative new technology for drying fresh foods and ingredients, including dairy products.

Mexican Express Pty Ltd, Adelaide — $1,057,075
This project involves the development and installation of an innovative liquid cheese cooking and packaging system that will increase product shelf life and processing efficiency.

The Food Forest, Gawler — $33,645
The Food Forest’s project involves the development of a compact, affordable pistachio nut grading system, based on pin roller technology.


Mures Fishing Pty Ltd, Hobart — $460,812
Mures Fishing will adopt packaging technology that enables the commercial scale production of fresh or frozen ‘cook-in-the-tray’ seafood portions/meals.

Huon Aquaculture Company Pty Ltd, Latrobe — $653,309
This project involves the design and adoption of innovative chilling systems for post-harvest fish transportation and pre-processing conditioning.


Moira Mac's Poultry and Fine Foods Pty Ltd, Bendigo — $550,000
This project involves the introduction of high pressure technology, as an alternative to heat treatment, to enhance the shelf life, presentation and marketability of sliced poultry products.

Laragon Pty Ltd, Lindsay Point — $194,000
Laragon will use its funding to design and develop technology for automating the process used to verify the specifications and grades of almonds, with applications for other nuts, dried fruits and grains.

Lakes Entrance Fishermen's Co-Operative Society Ltd, Lakes Entrance — $452,700
This project involves the design and implementation of an automated filleting machine suitable for small species of fish, enabling maximum flesh recovery and adding value to by-catch.

Lakes Entrance Fishermen's Co-Operative Society Ltd, Lakes Entrance — $82,060
The Lakes Entrance Fishermen’s Co-Operative Society will create purpose designed seafood handling containers for use in the Australian commercial fishing industry.

Southern Light Herbs, Maldon — $11,000
Southern Light Herbs will develop a compact herb roasting, cooling and weighing system, to be used primarily for manufacturing and packaging herbal beverage powders.

Western Australia

Harvey Fresh, Harvey — $573,850
This project involves the innovative re-design of Harvey Fresh’s fruit juice production line, providing productivity gains and environmental benefits.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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