Approved projects - Round 2

​Round two, Rural R&D for Profit summary of approved projects

On 1 July 2016 the Hon. Barnaby Joyce MP, the Minister for Agriculture, announced funding of $52.2 million from 2015-16 to 2019​​-20 for 17 projects in round two of the Rural R&D for Profit Program. This funding will be matched by more than $77 million in cash and in-kind contributions by research and development corporations and their partners. The application period for the second round of funding opened on 23 September 2015, and closed 1 December 2015.

The successful projects will all contribute to the program objective – to realise productivity and profitability improvements for primary producers.

Project titleApplicantGrant funding awarded (GST excl)Applicant/partner contributions (GST excl.)ContributorsSummary
Securing Pollination for More Productive Agriculture: Guidelines for effective pollinator management and stakeholder adoptionRural Industries Research and Development Corporation (AgriFutures Australia) $5,255,000$2,627,714 cash
$5,227,563 in-kind
HorticultureInnovation Australia Limited; University of Sydney; University of Adelaide; University of New England; Australian National University; SA Department of Primary Industries and Resources; SA Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources; O’Connor NRM; Native Vegetation Council; Trees for Life; Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation; Lucerne Australia; South Australia Apiarist Association;  Apple and Pear Growers Association of South Australia; Costa Group; Australian Melon Association; Australian Mango Industry Association; Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Network; Greening Australia; Almond Board of Australia; Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board; Natural Resource Northern and Yorke; Raspberries and Blackberries AustraliaThe project will realise significant productivity and profitability gains for farmers by improving yield and rates of pollination. The project will assess the contribution of pollinators to nine crops, re-establish native vegetation to support pollinator food and nesting resources, and use new technologies to communicate the findings to crop farmers.
Taking the Q (query) out of Q fever: developing a better understanding of the drivers of Q fever spread in farmed ruminantsRural Industries Research and Development Corporation (AgriFutures Australia)$514,500$735,000 cash $367,800 in-kindUniversity of Melbourne; Meredith Dairy; Australian Rickettsial Research Laboratory; University of Sydney; University of Queensland; University of Adelaide; Charles Sturt University; Goat Veterinary ConsultanciesThe project will develop a better understanding of factors influencing the risk of Q fever spread within and between Australian ruminant livestock enterprises, and develop national guidelines for an emergency response plan to be used in the event of Q fever outbreak in humans.
New biocontrol solutions for sustainable management of weed impacts on agricultural profitabilityRural Industries Research and Development Corporation (AgriFutures Australia) $6,230,437$3,179,818 cash
$3,603,635 in-kind
Grains Research and Development Corporation;  Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation; VIC Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources; NSW Department of Primary Industries; QLD Department of Agriculture and Fisheries; SA Department of Primary Industries and Regions; Seqwater; Shire of Ravensthorpe; NSW Weed Biocontrol Taskforce; North West Local Land Services; NSW Office of Environment & Heritage; Bundaberg Regional Council; Gladstone Regional Council; HQPlantations; Goulburn-Murray Water Corporation; Murrumbidgee Irrigation Ltd; Coleambally Irrigation Cooperative Ltd; Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority; Murray Local Land Services; United States Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Research Service, Australian Biological Control Laboratory; Wyong Shire Council; NSW National Parks Service; Central Murray County Council;Murrumbidgee Landcare Inc.; NQ Dry TropicsThe project will improve the profitability of farmers by developing new biocontrol solutions for ten priority weed species across multiple agriculture sectors. Experts from Australia and international research agencies will work together to develop new biocontrol agents to target weed species of national significance, weeds that are difficult to control with current methods and weeds that have substantial impacts on agriculture productivity.
Phosphorus Efficient Pastures: delivering high nitrogen and water use efficiency, and reducing costs of production across Southern AustraliaMeat and Livestock Australia $3,460,000$1,730,000 cash
$3,247,829 in-kind
Dairy Australia Limited; Australian Wool Innovation Limited; Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation; NSW Department of Primary Industries; University of Western Australia; Murdoch University; Bookham Agricultural Bureau; Tablelands Farming Systems; Central Ranges Grassland Society; Monaro Farming Systems; Association for Sheep Husbandry, Excellence, Evaluation and Production (ASHEEP); Southern Dirt; Boggabri grazing group; Purlewaugh NSW FarmersThe project will reduce the phosphorus dependence of Australian farmers by delivering pasture systems that require less phosphorus fertiliser. This will achieve multiple benefits including nitrogen use efficiency, water efficiency and improved productivity for Australia’s pasture systems. The project will also develop the knowledge and necessary protocols to equip and inform farmers about how to improve their phosphorus efficiency.
Improved surveillance, preparedness and return to trade for emergency animal disease incursions using FMD as a modelMeat and Livestock Australia $5,869,968$2,934,984 cash
$2,934,984 in-kind
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation; Animal Health Australia; Charles Sturt University; Bureau of Meteorology; Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences; Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources – Animal Health Policy Branch.The project will strengthen preparedness and facilitate a return to trade for Australia in the event of an emergency animal disease (EAD) incursion, using Foot and Mouth Disease as a model. The project will take a strong multi-disciplinary approach, working closely with animal industries to deliver a systems based approach to optimise EAD management systems in Australia.
Advanced measurement technologies for globally competitive Australian meatMeat and Livestock Australia $4,850,000$4,255,000 cash
$2,842,000 in-kind
Australian Pork Limited; Scott Technology Ltd; Murdoch University; University of Technology Sydney; WA Department of Agriculture and Food; VIC Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources; NSW Department of Primary Industries; South Australian Research and Development Institute; JBS Australia; Australian Cattle and Beef Holdings; Australian Country Choice Pty Ltd; Teys Australia Management Pty Ltd; Harvey Beed; Carometec; PorkScan Private; University of Melbourne; Australian Meat Processor CorporationThe project will enable beef, sheep and pig farmers to have access to more accurate measurements of meat produce to inform and improve decisions on breeding and animal husbandry. The project will deliver advances measurement technologies and enhanced feedback systems to provide producers with new information to improve competitiveness, and profitability in the meat value chain. The project will also capitalise on the cooperation of industry stakeholders to maximise effective decision making, reduce risk and optimise profits.
Enhancing the profitability and productivity of livestock farming through virtual herding technologyDairy Australia Limited$2,600,000$1,365,000 cash
$1,871,805 in-kind
Meat and Livestock Australia; Australian Wool Innovation Limited; Australian Pork Limited; Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation; Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture at University of Tasmania; University of Sydney; University of New England; University of Melbourne; Agersens Pty LtdThe project will evaluate the on-farm application of virtual fencing and herding technology, demonstrate its implementation and extend its benefits across the major livestock industries. Specifically, the project will develop an understanding of the learning, management and ethical challenges associated with the adoption of virtual fencing on farms. The introduction of a change in both pasture management, and the way that livestock are herded and managed, will enable significant productivity and profitability gains for Australia’s pastoral farmers.
Easy-Open OystersFisheries Research and Development Corporation $236,275$193,325 cash
$57,950 in-kind
Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre; SCOTT Pty Ltd; Oyster Bob Pty Ltd; Angelakis Bros Pty Ltd; Tassal Operations Pty LtdThe project will investigate the use of technology such as robotics and improve the way oysters can be delivered to customers. The project will develop innovative systems to open and reseal oysters making them easily opened and extending the shelf life by allowing the oyster to be kept alive for a longer time between opening and consumption.
Accelerating precision agriculture to decision agricultureCotton Research and Development Corporation $1,397,561$750,000 cash
$1,410,415 in-kind
Meat and Livestock Australia; Dairy Australia Limited; Grains Research & Development Corporation; Sugar Research Australia Limited; Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (AgriFutures Australia); Australian Wool Innovation Limited; Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited; Australian Pork Limited; Wine Australia; Forest and Wood Products Australia; Fisheries Research and Development Corporation; Australian Meat Processing Corporation; Australian Livestock Export Corporation Limited (LiveCorp); Australian Egg Corporation Limited; Australian Farm Institute; Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre; University of New England; Griffith University; University of the Sunshine Coast; Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research OrganisationThe project will design a solution for the use of big data in agriculture in order to increase the profitability of producers and improve farming strategies. The project will help producers understand data ownership and access rights and will increase the adoption of new technologies to improve farm profits.
More profit from nitrogen: enhancing the nutrient use efficiency of intensive cropping and pasture systemsCotton Research and Development Corporation $5,889,286$4,170,652 cash
$5,626,295 in-kind
Dairy Australia Limited; Sugar Research Australia Limited; Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited; NSW Department of Primary Industries; Queensland University of Technology; University of Melbourne; Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture; QLD Department of Science, Information, Technology and Innovation; Herbert Cane Productivity Services Ltd; Farmacist Pty Ltd; Southern Cross University; QLD Department of Agriculture and Fisheries; Sunshine Sugar; University of Queensland; University of Southern Queensland; NT Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries; Cherry Growers Australia; Australian Mango Industry AssociationThe project will improve the nitrogen use efficiency for the cotton, dairy, sugar and horticulture industries. Farmers will gain a better understanding of the various influences on nitrogen use efficiency, and improved confidence to adopt fertiliser management practices tailored to specific crop requirements allowing greater farm productivity and profitability.
More efficient use and management of nitrogen by primary producers will also result in significant natural resource benefits, with improved soil health, reduced leaching and run‑off to creeks and rivers, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.
Lifting farm gate profit through high value modular agroforestryForest and  Wood Products Australia $520,000$260,000 cash
$638,674 in-kind
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation; Private Forests Tasmania; Dairy Australia Limited; Rural Industries Research and development Corporation (AgriFutures Australia); University of Tasmania; Greening Australia; Forico; The project will develop new approaches for the introduction of trees in agricultural lands to increase farm profitability. Outcomes will include direct benefits to farmers including shelter for livestock, higher animal productivity, resilience to weather events, establishment of floral resources for honeybees, sequestration of carbon, and production of timber resources for sale.
Advanced production systems for the temperate nut crop industriesHorticulture Innovation Australia Limited$5,000,000$4,450,000 cash
$808,470 in-kind
Almond Board of Australia; VIC Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources; South Australian Research and Development Institute; NSW Department of Primary IndustriesThe project will develop advanced production systems for nut industries using almonds and walnuts as model crops. Plantings of superior varieties of almond and walnut trees will be established and cultivated using optimal water and soil management strategies.
The project will measure the impact of temperate nut production on orchard soils, and develop alternative techniques to enhance overall soil quality, reducing inputs and negative impacts. The project will demonstrate how multiple industries can collaborate to form an integrated research program that is capable of delivering advanced change to production systems.
National Centre for Post-harvest Disinfestation Research on Mediterranean Fruit Fly (Australian Medfly R&D Centre)Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited$1,647,636$1,655,746 cash $1,763,455 in-kindMurdoch University; WA Department of Agriculture and Food; QLD Department of Agriculture and Fisheries; Kalang Consultancy Services Pty LtdThe project will establish a new Mediterranean Fruit Fly (MedFly) facility and undertake research to develop endpoint treatments for killing medfly in horticulture produce. The project will also assist in maintaining and expanding market access to other countries by providing evidence that Australian horticulture exports are not infected by Medfly.
Digital technologies for more dynamic management of disease, stress and yieldWine Australia$2,987,635$4,804,082 cash
$5,721,593 in-kind
Cotton Research and Development Corporation; Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited; Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation; Fraunhofer Institute; Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture; Tolpuddle Vineyard; Lastek Pty Ltd; University of Queensland; Australian Wine Research Institute; Accolade Wines; University of South Australia; Barton Vale Technologies; Pernod Ricard Winemakers: Treasury Wine EstatesThe project will develop innovative processes and precision technologies for the cotton and grape growing industries. The introduction of new digital technologies will provide for more accurate yield forecasts, earlier disease detection in grapes and cotton and better management decisions about crop condition and nutrient levels. The project will extend the use of the technology by trialling equipment on properties and demonstrating the benefits through the use of extension networks
Mitigation of Climate Change Impacts on the National Wine Industry by Reduction in Losses from Controlled Burns and Wildfires and Improvement in Public Land ManagementWine Australia$1,466,000$1,466,000 cash
$723,156 in-kind
Australian Wine Research Institute; VIC Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources; La Trobe University; Cooperative Research Centre for Polymers; Wine VictoriaThe project will generate knowledge and new technologies to inform the development of bushfire risk management activities that are less likely to damage grape and wine production. For example, critical distances which reduce the risk of controlled burns to vineyards will be determined and early warning systems for smoke exposure will be developed to enable the targeted application of protective sprays in vineyards at risk of smoke damage. This project will also assist industry by providing a range of effective tools and techniques to remediate affected grapes and wine to promote the viability of affected business.
Enhancing supply chain profitability through reporting and utilisation of peri-mortem information by livestock producersAustralian Pork Limited $711,668$754,905 cash $259,021 in-kindMeat and Livestock Australia; Australian Meat Processor Association; South Australian Research and Development Institute; VIC Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and ResourcesThis project aims to develop standards for the consistent reporting, recording and analysis of peri-mortem information for beef, sheep meat and pork. This will assist in developing a national approach to reporting peri-mortem information for use by producers, processors, regulators and other key stakeholders and will contribute to streamlining and investments in systems that are commonly used in these livestock sectors.
This project will improve productivity by providing consistent data to producers for the monitoring of health incidences and enable informed production decisions to be made to maximise yield outcomes.
Enhancing the Sugar Industry value chain by addressing mechanical harvest losses through research, technology and adoptionSugar Research Australia Limited$3,551,000$1,925,000 cash $2,649,643 in-kindNorris Energy Crop Technology; Queensland University of Technology; Sugar Research Institute; MSF Sugar Pty Ltd; AGTRIX Pty Ltd; QLD Department of Agriculture and FisheriesThe project aims to increase sugar industry profitability by introducing new harvesting technologies and information to deliver higher yields and lower milling and transport costs.
The project will deliver new software and harvesting information in real time to improve the harvest management and minimise damage to plants.
Totals $52,186,966$37,257, 226 cash
$39,754,288 in-kind
$77,011,514 total
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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