AQUAPLAN - Australia's National Strategic Plan for Aquatic Animal Health

AQUAPLAN is Australia’s national strategic plan for aquatic animal health. It outlines the strategic vision and guides investment to strengthen the national aquatic animal health system.

AQUAPLAN is developed collaboratively by aquatic animal industries and the Australian, state and territory governments. Through stronger aquatic animal health management, AQUAPLAN aims to improve the productivity and profitability of aquatic animal industries and protect aquatic environments.

How does AQUAPLAN improve aquatic animal health?

AQUAPLAN provides a shared vision for industry and governments to prioritise investment to strengthen the aquatic animal health system. It is a mechanism for industry and governments to collaborate on issues of shared importance, whilst acknowledging that issues of importance for individual parties can continue to be addressed outside of AQUAPLAN.

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Need for a new national strategic plan for aquatic animal health

AQUAPLAN 2014-2019 concluded in June 2019 (see below for information on previous plans). A review of AQUAPLAN 2014-2019 was undertaken to document its achievements, identify strengths and weaknesses of its development and implementation, and to guide approaches to the development of a successor strategy.

Stakeholders acknowledged the need for an ongoing strategic approach to aquatic animal health and agreed that a new AQUAPLAN should be developed.

AQUAPLAN is developed and implemented collaboratively by aquatic animal industries and the Australian, state and territory governments.

Development of a fourth AQUAPLAN is underway

The process to develop the fourth AQUAPLAN commenced in early 2020 with close collaboration among industry and government parties. Initially, parties were invited to identify future needs and drivers for their sectors. Common themes were developed into seven draft objectives of the plan. Stakeholders then developed specific activities that would contribute to achieving the draft objectives. Drafting of the plan is due to be completed in mid-2021 and following further consideration by stakeholders it is expected to be launched in late 2021.

The guiding principles of AQUAPLAN

In addition to the industry-government collaboration that has been at the core of AQUAPLAN’s success, its development has followed some agreed guiding principles:

  • The plan addresses common national priorities
  • It focuses on strategic issues that will provide enduring benefit to the management of aquatic animal health nationally
  • Its objectives and activities have defined, achievable outcomes
  • It is a framework of agreed national priorities to which investment will be attracted.

Previous AQUAPLANs and AQUAPLAN Reviews

AQUAPLAN 1998–2003 represented a world first in industry–government collaboration to develop a national strategic approach to aquatic animal health. Its success set the trajectory for development of AQUAPLAN 2005–2010 and AQUAPLAN 2014–2019. Together, these three plans have built and improved almost all aspects of Australia’s highly regarded systems for managing aquatic animal health.

Copies of AQUAPLAN 1998-2003, AQUAPLAN 2005-2010, and AQUAPLAN 2014-2019, and their respective reviews are available to view and download from the table below. Note, the Review of AQUAPLAN 2014‑2019 is yet to be published.


Document Pages File size
AQUAPLAN 2014-2019 PDF PDF Icon 32 4.6 MB
AQUAPLAN 2014-2019 DOC Word Icon 32 852 KB
AQUAPLAN 2005-2010 PDF PDF Icon 54 4.3 MB
Review of AQUAPLAN 2005-2010 PDF PDF Icon 37 2.6 MB
Review of AQUAPLAN 2005-2010 DOC Word Icon 37 430 KB
AQUAPLAN 1998-2003 PDF PDF Icon 36 1.6 MB
Review of AQUAPLAN 1998-2003 PDF PDF Icon 44 1.5 MB

If you have difficulty accessing these files, visit web accessibility for assistance.

For more information on AQUAPLAN please contact the Aquatic Pest and Health Policy team.

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