Reviewing and preparing ANZSDPs

​The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources seeks to sustain and improve the quality of livestock and livestock products and to assure market access through the application of best practice to veterinary laboratory services. Publication of standard laboratory procedures is an integral component of best practice.

On behalf of its animal health stakeholders, the department maintains a comprehensive set of Australian and New Zealand standard diagnostic procedures (ANZSDPs) approved for use in animal laboratories across Australia.

ANZSDPs are drafted and reviewed by scientific experts, and the process is managed through a set of standardised procedures:

  • establishing the need for an ANZSDP
  • writing an ANZSDP
  • editorial and approval of an ANZSDP.

Before any work can commence, we must first establish the need for a new ANZSDP, or revision of an existing ANZSDP or Australian standard diagnostic technique (ASDT).

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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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