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Australia has a favourable animal health status, free from many of the economically important diseases that occur in other parts of the world. Surveillance and diagnostics are key components of Australia’s animal health system.

Effective surveillance:

  • enables the early detection of emergency and emerging animal diseases
  • facilitates access to international markets
  • supports the management of endemic pests and diseases.

These functions underpin national and international trade in livestock products and help to safeguard the economy, environment and health of Australians.

The Department of Agriculture is part of a network of state and territory governments and industry groups responsible for managing and implementing animal health surveillance activities in Australia.

A coordinated approach at a national level ensures that Australia is able to continue meeting international and domestic expectations and requirements for animal health.

National Animal Health Surveillance Business Plan 2016–2020

The National Animal Health Surveillance Business Plan 2016–2020 represents the commitment of Australian governments and industry to maintain and further improve our surveillance systems.

The plan summarises existing surveillance programs and outlines additional priority activities. These new activities will build on existing strengths and address identified gaps in the system.

The business plan will be implemented by governments and industries in partnership, in accordance with the principle that biosecurity is a shared responsibility.




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Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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