National Registration of Veterinarians

​In the past, veterinarians were required to register in every state they wanted to practise in. This is because each state and territory in Australia has separate legislation covering veterinary practise which is regulated under the relevant state or territory veterinary surgeons board (also known as a ‘veterinary practitioners board’ in some states).

To reduce red tape and remove barriers for veterinarians responding to national crises, working for national animal enterprises or across jurisdictions, a model for national recognition of veterinary registration was developed in 2006.

In Victoria, New South WalesQueensland and Tasmania, veterinarians registered in another Australian jurisdiction can practise without registering again in those states. Other states and territories are in the process of preparing similar legislation. South Australia will commence national recognition of veterinary registration on 1 January 2015. For information about national recognition of registration in the Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory and Western Australia, contact the relevant veterinary surgeons board.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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