Australian Animal Welfare Strategy - AAWS

​​​The AAWS provides a national framework to identify priorities, coordinate stakeholder action and improve consistency across all animal use sectors including:

  • livestock and production animals
  • animals used for work, recreation entertainment and display
  • companion animals
  • native, introduced and feral animals
  • aquatic animals, and
  • animals used in research and teaching.

The AAWS seeks to build on Australia’s current arrangements, including state and territory legislation, standards, guidelines, codes of practice, industry quality assurance programs, education and training, and research and development. It also acknowledges the importance of broad engagement with industry, governments, professional associations, service providers, researchers and welfare organisations to accurately assess issues and develop robust solutions.

The vision ​of the AAWS is

All Australians value animals and are committed to improving their welfare.

Its mission is

To deliver sustainable improvements in the welfare of all animals

The goals of the AAWS focus on animals, national systems, people and the international scene state that

  • Goal 1: Animals – The welfare needs of animals are understood and met

  • Goal 2: National Systems – National systems deliver consistent animal welfare outcomes and give priority to ongoing improvements

  • Goal 3: People – People make ethical decisions regarding animal welfare, supported by knowledge and skills

  • Goal 4: International – Australia is actively engaged in international partnerships and developments to improve animal welfare

The AAWS has established an external dedicated website to consolidate information from each of the animal use sectors as well as resources for education and training along with research and development. It brings together all members of the community and is a key information resource on animal welfare for Australia.

Further information

More information about the AAWS can be found at on their website

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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