Frontline – northern biosecurity’s community song

​Northern Australia’s vast, sparsely populated 10,000 kilometre coastline is the frontline for many high risk animal and plant pests and diseases. Biosecurity risks can reach Australia through the movement of people and goods by sea and air, through traditional trade, and by natural pathways such as wind, tide and animal migration. We must protect northern Australia, its unique environment and growing source of agricultural wealth.

Biosecurity in northern Australia underpins northern development and protects the whole country from the threat of pests and diseases that could devastate our $60 billion agricultural industries. Good biosecurity keeps communities alive; delivers better produce yields; keeps production costs low; increases market access; and preserves Australia for future generations.

Frontline – in tune with biosecurity

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performers helped produce the Frontline song about the importance of biosecurity to northern Australia.

This collaboration celebrates a common bond between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, governments, producers and communities to protect our lands and waters.

Biosecurity protection across northern Australia is more than a job. It’s a partnership that helps sustain our cultures, our environment and agricultural growth.

Performed by Indigenous artists Rochelle Pitt Watson, Naomi Wenitong, Patrick Mau and Andrew Miller, the video showcases the iconic countryside and coastline of northern Australia, and some of the people who work there.

This project was made possible with funding through the Australian Government’s Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper, to improve Australia’s biosecurity surveillance and analysis  and better target biosecurity risks. Funding has been allocated across northern Australia to a number of projects that are practical and cooperative—actively involving local communities, agricultural producers and all tiers of government.​

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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