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​​​REDLINE 1800 803 006

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment Redline is a free call service for people to confidentially report information about suspected breaches of Australian biosecurity, meat or food inspection laws. Breaches of Australian biosecurity, meat or food inspection laws include illegal importation, providing fraudulent or misleading documentation, and bypassing directions given by the department.

Seen an unusual pest or disease on your property or in goods, containers or parcels? Information and contact numbers for reporting pests and diseases of biosecurity concern are available at Report a pest of disease of concern

Reporting on the department's Redline

Redline allows callers to report matters that may not be detected, reported or acted on through other means.

Some of the best people to spot breaches of Australian biosecurity, meat or food inspection laws in a neighbourhood or workplace are those who are there everyday. As we go about our daily lives, we can keep an eye out for anything that may seem unusual or suspicious. Whether or not something is suspicious can depend on the circumstances. Look at the situation as a whole. If it doesn’t add up and looks like a risk to our Australian biosecurity, meat or food inspection laws then call the Redline.

The Redline call should contain information about:

  • a person or company operating in Australia or sending goods into or out of Australia
  • sufficient details that could identity a breach of legislation
  • information that has made you suspicious that may contribute to the department detecting a risk or a breach of legislation.

Contact your state or territory office concerning operational issues such as:

Information supplied is valued, as callers are helping to protect Australia.

What happens if I call the Redline?

During business hours calls are usually answered by a departmental compliance officer or a message can be left on the Redline service.

If the occurrence falls within the department's area of responsibility, the officer will take a full report. The departmental compliance staff may also want to interview the caller in person but this will depend on the caller’s cooperation. After the report, an investigation may be launched or the information may form part of the department's general information gathering procedures.

If the caller provides contact details and wants to be advised of the outcome of an investigation the compliance officer will contact the caller with the results, but callers need to understand that the department's ability to supply information back to callers may be restricted in line with legislative obligations to protect privacy or to ensure proper administration of justice.

If the call provides information that can be handled by another authority, such as police or customs, the departmental compliance officer will provide appropriate contact details to the caller or may forward the information on to that other agency with the caller’s agreement.


When you call the Redline leaving a name and contact details is not necessary, but if evidence is 'on the record' it may help the department to better prosecute cases.

Information provided on the Redline is covered by relevant legislation that protects confidential information such as the Privacy Ac​t 1988 and the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

Other ways to report breaches

Email: Compliance

Postal address:
The Department of Agriculture Redline
Compliance and Enforcement
GPO Box 858
Canberra ACT 2601

Last reviewed: 15 July 2020
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