Submissions received on Australia’s current prawn import policy

​​Stakeholder submissions on specific issues with Australia’s current prawn import policy are published below. The department received ten submissions and eight of the stakeholders gave consent for their submission to be published. These submissions were made in response to Biosecurity Advice 2018-06. This consultation forms part of the Review of the biosecurity risks for prawns​.

The most common issues raised in the submissions include new and emerging pathogens that require consideration, changes in biosecurity risks of prawn commodities since the import risk analysis was released in 2009, application of Australia's appropriate level of protection (ALOP), Australia’s risk management measure options (for example cooking and testing) and pre-border, border and post-border surveillance of the effectiveness and compliance of imposed risk management measures.

All science-based submissions are being considered as the department is conducting the risk analysis and preparing the draft report.

Document Pages File size
Australian Council of Prawn Fisheries PDF 22 476 KB
Australian Prawn Farmers Association PDF 35 992 KB
Australian Prawn Farmers Association Addendum PDF 13 2.7 MB
DigsFish PDF 28 524 KB
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam PDF 1 464 KB
NSW Department of Primary Industries PDF 4 152 KB
People’s Republic of China PDF 2 236 KB
QLD Department of Agriculture and Fisheries PDF 10 2.7 MB
Thailand Department of Fisheries PDF 1 212 KB

Published submissions may not meet Australian Government accessibility requirements as they have not been prepared by the department.​

Last reviewed: 18 January 2021
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