Apple Submissions

As advised in Biosecurity Australia Policy Memoranduum 06/09, the following submissions have been received in response to the Revised Draft Import Risk Analysis Report for Apples from New Zealand (Dec 2005).

The list was last updated on 17 July 2006.

Stakeholder PDF Icon PDF
Apple and Pear Australia Ltd (1) 4.9mb
Apple and Pear Australia Ltd (2) 41kb
Australian Access Action Group 126kb
Appledale Processors Co-operative 133kb
Burgi, Terry 20kb
Campaspe Shire 68kb
Department of Agriculture Western Australia 64kb
Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, Queensland 770kb
Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment, Tasmania 270kb
RJ Armstrong Pty Ltd 59kb
Fruit Growers Tasmania Inc 67kb
Fruit Growers Victoria Ltd 57kb
Gilmours Orchards 13kb
Gocup Pastoral Pty Ltd 70kb
Greater Shepparton City Council 162kb
Growcom Australia 2.8mb
Hayward, Chris 34kb
Henchman, Chris (1) 31kb
Henchman, Chris (2) 19kb
Joyson Orchards 115kb
Lovell, Wendy (Member for North Eastern Province) 122kb
McLeod, R&S 13kb
NSW Farmers (Batlow Branch) 27kb
NSW Farmers Association 68kb
NSW Department of Primary Industries (1) 254kb
NSW Department of Primary Industries (2) 1.7mb
New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry 1mb
Numbanang Pty Ltd 123kb
Plummers Border Valley Orchards 47kb
Pottage, Dorothy 516kb
Primary Industries & Resources SA 236kb
Ricketts, Andrew 42kb
Riversby Pty Ltd 19kb
The Apple Factory 62kb
US Dept. Agriculture, Plant Protection and Quarantine 68kb
University of Queensland 165kb
Westcastle Partnership 14kb
Western Australia Fruit Growers' Association 153kb
Wimalajeewa, Satish 124kb
Wheeny Creek Orchard 20kb
Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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