Subject title requirements for email lodgements (2018-04)

Date of issue: 12 February 2018

Date of effect: 12 February 2018


Registered licensed exporters and EDI users

Department of Agriculture and Water Resources—Central and Regional offices


To notify exporters and EDI users who email the department for electronic and manual assessments and queries related to exports of meat, fish, dairy, eggs, skins, hides, wool, non-prescribed goods (NPG) and related products.

Summary of Key Points

  • Exporters must use the applicable subject title in emails to the department.
  • All of the department’s Food Export email addresses will be consolidated into a single mailbox.

Subject title requirements for email lodgements

Effective immediately, exporters must use email Subject titles that contain the following information:

  1. Transport type (Air / Sea)
  2. Request type (Review / Authorisation / Amendment / Manual Certs / Query / Collection / Overtime) as per Attachment 1
  3. Date of departure
  4. Request for Permit (RFP) number or manual certificate type (EX188B / M418, etc.)
  5. Commodity (Dairy / Fish / Eggs / Meat / NPG) as per Attachment 1
  6. Destination country
  7. Exporter name
  8. Location (department office for collection if required)

Failure to use these subject title methods may delay the email being actioned.


Subject:  Air, Review, 27/1/17, RFP 7119011, Meat, Korea, ABC Exports

Subject:  Sea, Amendment, 27/1/17, RFP 7023114, NPG, China, ABA Foods

Subject:  Query, November, Meat, Japan, ZZZ Meat Exports

Subject:  Air, Manual, 27/1/17, EX188B, NPG, Sri Lanka, ABC Foods, Brisbane

This applies to requests lodged to the following mailboxes:

Dairy (National) EXDOC Dairy
Adelaide SAExdoc
Brisbane S-Q EXDOC
Melbourne SER EXDOC
Melbourne NPG SER NPG
Melbourne Fish SER Fish
Perth WESTExdoc
Sydney Sydney Documentation Registration


The department is undertaking initiatives to improve client service. In the future, all of the above Food Export email addresses will be consolidated into a single mailbox. This initiative will align with existing requirements for Plant Exports. Prior to moving to a single mailbox, changes to email Subject titles need to be implemented by exporters and agents.

The information provided in this advice is current at the time of writing and is intended for use as guidance only and should not be taken as definitive or exhaustive. The Commonwealth endeavours to keep information current and accurate, however, it may be subject to change without notice. Exporters are encouraged to verify these details with their importers prior to undertaking production/exports. The Commonwealth will not accept liability for any loss resulting from reliance on information contained in this notice.

Further information

If you have any questions regarding this Industry Advice Notice please email Food Exports or phone 1800 900 090.

Jagtej Singh
Assistant Secretary
Assessment Client and Quarantine

Last reviewed: 11 November 2019
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