Food exports – Transition to single national mailbox for food export certification requests (2018-08)

​​​​​​​Date of issue: 13 August 2018

Date of effect: 3 September 2018

Who does this notice affect?

All exporters and agents who email the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (the department) for electronic and manual assessments and queries related to food exports and non-prescribed goods. This applies to the following regional mailboxes for the export of meat, fish, dairy, eggs, skins, hides, wool and other goods (NPG):

Dairy (National)
Melbourne NPG
Melbourne Fish


The department is undertaking initiatives to improve client service. To simplify contact arrangements, food export email addresses will be consolidated into a single address (

As outlined in the industry notice subject title requirements for email lodgements, the first step was for exporters to use prescribed email subject titles. This will enable the department’s systems to allocate emails to appropriate teams.

What has changed?

  • From 3 September 2018, correspondence to the regional mailboxes (as listed in the above table) will be automatically diverted to the new single mailbox in a staged approach.
  • Exporters/agents will start to see department responses from the new single mailbox. Exporters who receive an email from this mailbox may reply directly to this email address
  • Exporters/agents should continue lodging new requests to the regional mailboxes listed in the above table until further advice is issued on use of the single mailbox.


To avoid any delays in processing these emails, it is now mandatory that Exporters/Agents title their email requests as per industry notice subject title requirements for email lodgements.

Please also note our current service standards for the assessment and issuance of export documentation are 1 business day for air freight and 3 business days for sea freight. The new mailbox will adhere to these service standards.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this Industry Advice Notice please email Food Exports or phone 1800 900 090.

Jagtej Singh
Assistant Secretary
Assessment Client and Quarantine

Last reviewed: 15 April 2021
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