Consultation on cost recovery of exports certification (MAA 2019-04)

11 October 2019


To notify industry of the release of the draft 2019-20 Food Export Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS) for a period of public consultation. This CRIS provides information on how we implement cost recovery arrangements for the export certification of certain commodities including meat, dairy, fish, eggs and non-prescribed goods.

Summary of key points

  • The draft 2019-20 Food Export CRIS has been released for a period of public consultation.
  • Stakeholders who wish to provide feedback on the proposed charging adjustments should make a submission through Have Your Say by 10 December 2019.


We are revising our exports cost recovery arrangements to ensure their ongoing financial sustainability and to reflect the current regulatory business model.

Through this process, a new CRIS for the food export cost recovery arrangements has been drafted outlining the costs associated with the delivery of export regulatory activities and providing a set of proposed charging adjustments.

We are conducting public consultation to seek feedback from industry and other affected stakeholders on the proposed charging adjustments. The public consultation will run on our Have Your Say stakeholder engagement platform for a period of 2 months, commencing 10 October 2019 and ending 10 December 2019.

Further information

Additional information on the cost recovery process and the public consultation can be found here.

Please contact Cost Recovery if you have any queries.

Last reviewed: 15 April 2021
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