Egg product codes

When you are requesting an export permit using the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment’s Export Documentation System, you will need to include details of your product.

Use our code lists to make sure you are entering the correct:

  • product code
  • cut code.

Product codes are linked to the Australian Harmonised Export Commodity Codes (AHECC) by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, to classify internationally traded goods as they enter and leave the country. AHECCs identify goods that must be accompanied by an export permit before entering the wharf or airport and being cleared for export.

Product code list

Egg products are grouped into two categories in EXDOC:

  • whole eggs – product type code EGG
  • processed eggs – product type code EGP.

Cut code list

Egg cut codes are used to identify the type of processed egg product.

Check your egg cut code and description:

Table of cut codes for egg products
AHECC Cut code Product description
04072100 EC0001 Whole eggs
04089900 EC0002 Liquid egg
04081900 EC0003 Liquid egg yolk
35021900 EC0004 Liquid egg albumin
04072100 EC0006 Boiled egg (in shell)
04089900 EC0008 Poached egg (shell removed)
04089900 EC0010 Egg omelette
04089900 EC0011 Scrambled egg
04089900 EC0012 Boiled and brined egg (shell removed)
04072100 EF0001 Whole eggs
04089900 EF0002 Liquid egg
04081900 EF0003 Liquid egg yolk
35021900 EF0004 Liquid egg albumin
04072100 EF0006 Boiled egg (in shell)
04089900 EF0007 Boiled and brined egg (shell removed)
04089900 EF0008 Poached egg (shell removed)
04089900 EF0010 Egg omelette
04089900 EF0011 Scrambled egg
04089900 EF0013 Egg bakes
04089900 EF0014 Egg fritters - cooked
04089900 EF0016 Fried whole eggs
04089900 EF0017 Egg frittatas
04089100 EU0001 Dried egg powder
04081100 EU0002 Dried egg yolk
35021100 EU0003 Dried egg albumin
Last reviewed: 15 April 2021
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