2017-08 - Vietnam: Amendments to Australian seafood establishment live seafood listings

​Date of issue: 07/11/2017
Date of effect: Immediate
Reference Number: MAA 2017 - 08


  • Industries—Seafood
  • Export establishments approved to export seafood to Vietnam
  • Seafood Export Consultative Committee
  • Seafood Trade Advisory Group
  • Department of Agriculture and Water Resources—Central and Regional offices


To notify establishments registered to prepare seafood for export, that the Vietnamese Department of Animal Health (DAH) had amended the Vietnamese list of Australian seafood establishment (approved establishment list) eligible to export to Vietnam.
The revised approved establishment list, which includes a list of eligible products for each establishment, can be found on the DAH website. For further details refer to MAA 2017-07 Vietnam - Review of list of registered establishments approved to export seafood from Australia

DAH has advised that establishments exporting live aquatic species to Vietnam do not need to be included on the approved establishment list. Establishments are only required to be listed if they are exporting non-viable seafood products.

Export of live aquatic species

The changes do not require any specific action from Australian seafood export establishments with respect to export of live seafood to Vietnam. However the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources wishes to advise exporters that, to export live seafood to Vietnam:

  • Imported live seafood must comply with Vietnam's regulations on the quarantine of aquatic animals and aquatic animal products outlined in Circular 26/2016/TT-BNNPTNT.
  • Only live seafood species which appear on Vietnam’s eligible species list (refer Appendix 5 of Circular 4/2015/TT-BNNPTNT in Attachment 1) are eligible to be imported into Vietnam for human consumption purposes. 
  • For new live seafood species to be added to Vietnam’s eligible species list, a risk assessment for animal health and disease safety must be submitted for assessment and approved by the DAH. This process is only relevant for live product intended to be imported and consumed within Vietnam (i.e. not for re-export purposes).

Government export certification for live seafood

There is only one Australian export certificate template which covers all seafood (live and non-viable) exported to Vietnam. To date the DAH has not revoked or advised of any changes to this export certification. Therefore, it remains possible for export certificates to be issued for those live species not currently on the live eligible species list.  Exporters who export live seafood species that are not approved by Vietnam, do so at their own risk and the department will be unable to facilitate the release of any detained consignments of these live seafood products.

DAH has verbally advised the department that Australian live aquatic species that are exported to Vietnam and stored in a transit warehouse for re-export purposes, are exempt from being listed on the eligible species list. However, Circular 26/2016/TT-BNNPTNT specifies quarantine requirements that apply for live aquatic animals imported into Vietnam for re-export purposes. The department recommends that exporters work closely with their importer to ensure all Vietnam’s quarantine requirements are met, prior to export.


These amendments are a result of recent role changes within Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD). The DAH now has responsibility for approving seafood establishments exporting to Vietnam, where previously this responsibility was held by the National Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality Assurance Department (NAFIQAD). To ensure Vietnamese import requirements were being met, the DAH undertook a review of current seafood listings and removed listings for live seafood as establishment listings are not required for this type of commodity. The department understands that DAH has taken similar actions to a number of other countries which export seafood to Vietnam.

Further information

Contact Exports  or Dairy Eggs Fish if you have any queries.

The information provided in this advice is current at the time of writing and is intended for use as guidance only and should not be taken as definitive or exhaustive. The Commonwealth endeavours to keep information current and accurate, however, it may be subject to change without notice. Exporters are encouraged to verify these details with their importers prior to undertaking production/exports. The Commonwealth will not accept liability for any loss resulting from reliance on information contained in this notice.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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