MAA 2021-06: Indonesia: Fish: Nominations for listing of fish and fishery product processing establishments

Date of issue: 17 February 2021

Date of effect: Immediate

Reference Number: MAA2021-06


  • Industries—Industry bodies, Seafood Export Consultative Committee
  • Export establishments
  • Licensed exporters
  • Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment —Central and Regional offices


This Market Access Advice (MAA) provides information to export registered fish processing establishments concerning a request from Indonesia’s Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF). The request is for the provision of an Australian list of fish and fishery product establishments approved to export to Indonesia.

As a new listing process, the department is requesting nominations from fish processing establishments which currently export or intend to export finfish to Indonesia.

The department is aware that only finfish are currently exported to Indonesia and as such, the health certification is only available for finfish.

Seafood other than finfish
Other seafood products may be exported to Indonesia but must be detailed within the list of eligible species listed in Micor.
Exporters are advised to work with their Indonesian importers to ensure a seafood species is permitted for import before exporting.

If you intend to export seafood other than finfish to Indonesia and have confirmed eligibility to do so, you must contact the department as soon as possible nominating for inclusion on the establishment list and allow time for development of an alternative certificate.

Summary of key points

Fish and fishery product establishment listing nominations by 26 February 2021

  • The department recently received correspondence from MMAF requesting that the department provide it with a list of Australian fish processing establishments which are approved to export to Indonesia.
  • It is understood that MMAF requires this list to ensure that those establishments exporting fish and fishery products to Indonesia are subject to official Australian Government controls.
  • At this stage it is unclear what this listing process may involve moving forward.
    • This list may become the basis for an approved list of Australian fish establishments, eligible to export to Indonesia;
    • Following submission of this initial list, it is unknown how quickly future additions or amendments will take to update or if exports will be permitted prior to listing updates;
    • It is possible that more information may be requested for future establishment listings.
  • Considering this and that MMAF is only requesting a list of establishments currently, the department is seeking nominations from export registered fish processing establishments which export or intend to export to Indonesia.
  • In order to provide this list to MMAF in a timely manner, the department requests that establishment nominations be provided to by COB 5 March 2021.

Further information

Contact if you have any queries.

The information provided in this advice is current at the time of writing and is intended for use as guidance only and should not be taken as definitive or exhaustive. The Commonwealth endeavours to keep information current and accurate, however, it may be subject to change without notice. Exporters are encouraged to verify these details with their importers prior to undertaking production/exports. The Commonwealth will not accept liability for any loss resulting from reliance on information contained in this notice.

Last reviewed: 17 February 2021
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