2012-11 - Export restrictions for scallop from Tasmania

​Date of effect: 13 November 2012

DAFF issues this direction in writing under the Export Control (Fish and Fish Products) Orders 2005, Order 75, directing exporters and export registered establishments to comply with the following requirements for scallop and scallop products for export from Tasmania until further notice.  

Scallop and scallop products prepared from scallop harvested from the White Rock Scallop Area of the Tasmanian Commercial Scallop Fishery on or after 3 November 2012 are not permitted to be exported.

On 13 November 2012, the Acting Director, Public Health, Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) issued an order under the Food Act 2003 (Section 33) directly affecting the harvest, processing, sale and export of scallops from the White Rock Scallop Area of Tasmania. For more information including a description of the affected harvest area, go to the DHHS website.

The presence of the toxin is a result of a naturally occurring algae bloom. Affected scallops do not look or taste any different and the toxin is not destroyed by freezing, cooking or removal of roe.

In summary, the order restricts the commercial harvest, processing or sale of scallop and scallop products from the White Rock Scallop Area as follows:

  • As of 13 November, scallop cannot be commercially harvested or processed for human consumption.
  • The sale or supply for human consumption of scallop, parts of scallop and food containing scallop harvested on and from 3 November is not permitted.

The order is to remain in force for a period of 90 days, unless revoked earlier and applies only to scallop of the species:

  • Equicnlamys bifrons (commonly known as queen scallop); or
  • Pecten fumatus (commonly known as commercial scallop); or
  • Mimachlamys asperrimus (commonly known as doughboy scallop).

Note: To support the export of scallop and scallop product sourced elsewhere and thus NOT subject to this order, exporters are required to include the following statement on all Declarations of Compliance for scallops of these species;

“This consignment of scallop has not been prepared from scallop harvested from the White Rock Scallop Area of the Tasmanian Commercial Scallop fishery since 3 November 2012.”

DAFF will liaise with the Tasmanian authorities and update this notice as required.

Note: For queries regarding scallop export, please email fish.

For more information on the Public Health Alert visit the DHHS website.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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