2016-12 - Advice for processors of scallops marketed and exported whole with roe and viscera attached

27 September 2016


To advise processors:

  • advice has been received from the Scallop Fishermen’s Association of Tasmania that biotoxin testing of whole scallops (meat, roe and viscera) will no longer occur in the Bass Strait Central Zone Scallop Fishery.

Export requirements for biotoxin testing

Export registered establishments that are exporting whole scallop with roe and viscera attached must undertake biotoxin testing on each batch (i.e. day’s production) of scallops that are being exported.

Further information about export requirements for biotoxin testing can be found in Industry Advice Notice: 2016-08 Biotoxin management for scallops in 2016.

Failure to comply with this notice will result in sanctions which may include suspension of scallop harvest operations for export or suspension of export registration.

Further information

Contact the dairy eggs and fish exports section by email.


Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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