2016-14 - Australian Fish Names—recent changes to EXDOC for molluscs

​​Issued: 3 November 2016

Date of effect: immediate


To advise exporters and processing establishments:

  • there have been recent changes to the Australian Fish Names Standard scientific names for some molluscs
  • changes to scientific names have been reflected in EXDOC.

Action required by exporters and processing establishments

Establishments using the product type code listed in Table 1 can continue to do so.

The scientific names linked to the product type codes listed have been changed in EXDOC and will appear on the associated Health Certificates (if applicable).

Establishments must ensure that product exported under these descriptions continue to comply with requirements, including those for an accurate trade description.

Table 1
Product type codeFish nameSuperseded scientific nameCurrent and active scientific name
ABAABALONEHaliotis speciesSpecies of the family - Haliotidae
ABBABALONE - BLACKLIP Haliotis rubra Haliotis rubra rubra
ABPABALONE - BROWNLIP Haliotis conicopora Haliotis rubra conicopora
OCTOCTOPUSOctopus speciesSpecies of the family Octopodidae
OYLOYSTER -​ PEARL Pteriidae Pinctada spp.

Further information

Further information can be found in Industry Advice Notice: 2016-06 Australian Fish Names—recent changes to EXDOC including:

  • what to do if a consignment is detained due to a change to fish name
  • what to do with incorrect trade description on packaging due to a change to fish name
  • previous fish name updates.

Contact the dairy eggs and fish exports section by email if you have any questions regarding this notice.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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