2016-16 - Change in billing arrangements for EXDOC generated invoices

29 November 2016


To advise departmental staff and industry of changes to billing arrangements for EXDOC generated invoices.


This notice applies to dairy, egg and fish exporters and EDI users.

Change in billing arrangements

On 1 November 2016 the department changed billing arrangements for EXDOC generated invoices. Invoices are now sent directly to the exporter nominated in the export permit and not the EDI user who has submitted the application on behalf of the exporter.

Previously, EDI users raising export documents for dairy, eggs and fish products were billed and would pass the cost on to the exporter (where they were different to the EDI user). The process has been changed to align with other export commodities. Under export legislation it is the exporter who is responsible for the export shipment and as such the billing has been amended to reflect this requirement.

Throughout the Export Control Act 1982 and relevant commodity Control Orders, there are specific references to obligations of the exporter in relation to goods. Exporters must apply for export permits, make attestations about shipments and declare eligibility for the goods being exported to specific markets.

This change has not altered the overall fee, it only changes who receives and is responsible for payment of the invoice.

For further information email Dairy Eggs Fish.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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