Abalone from Tasmania: sourcing/harvesting restrictions (2017-09)

​Date of issue: 18 October 2017
Date of effect: 13 October 2017
Previous advice: 16 October 2017


To notify export registered establishments and exporters sourcing abalone from Tasmania, of sourcing/harvesting restrictions.

Change to catch zone status for Tasmanian abalone (Haliotis spp.) for export

Catch zones, blocks 28A, 28B and 30A, have been closed and catch zones, blocks 20A and 20B, have been opened by the Tasmanian Government Department of Primary Industry, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE).

The export of live, chilled and frozen abalone with or without viscera, and the export of viscera and viscera products and canned products are permitted for all areas (providing blocks are open in accordance with fisheries regulations) except from the blocks listed and marked as ‘No’ in the Catch zone status table.

Catch zone status
BlockExport of live, chilled and frozen—with visceraExport of chilled and frozen—without visceraExport of canned—without visceraExport of viscera and viscera products

Direction to export registered establishments and exporters

To support the export of abalone from Tasmania you must:

  • Record the block numbers where abalone have been sourced on Declarations of Compliance, to demonstrate traceability.
  • Record an additional declaration on the transfer certificate: The abalone or abalone products in this consignment were not sourced from an area affected by biotoxins.’

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources is issuing this direction in writing under Order 75 of the Export Control (Fish and Fish Products) Orders 2005.

Further information

Contact Dairy Eggs Fish if you have any queries about abalone export.

Contact the DPIPWE fisheries section for queries about the commercial abalone fishery in Tasmania.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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