Giant Crab fishery notification—biotoxin closure (2017-12)

Date of issue: 21 November 2017

Date of effect: 18 November 2017

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (the department) has been advised by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and the Environment (DPIPWE), Tasmania, that Giant Crab fishery is closed in eastern and southern waters of Tasmania due to a strong bloom of toxic algae.

‘Eastern and southern waters’ are defined to mean:

  • the area of State waters adjacent to the east coast, south east coast and south coast of Tasmania south of the line of the line of latitude at 41° 40’ south and east of the line of longitude running due south of the southernmost extremity of Whale Head, excluding waters south of the line of latitude 43° 40’ south and west of longitude 148° east.

The zone will be reopened to crab fishing when the lobster PST results are low enough to open the lobster fishery or Giant Crab samples are collected, analysed for PST’s and these results used to determine the status of that zone for crab fishing.

Detailed information in relation to the DPIPWE closures can be found at Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment.

Contact DPIPWE if you have any questions in relation to the Giant Crab fishery notice.

  • Recreational fishery enquiries: Ph (03) 6165 3233 or 1300 720 647
  • Commercial fishery enquiries:  Ph (03) 6165 3045

Direction to export registered establishments and exporters

The department issues this direction under order 75 of the Export Control (Fish and Fish products) Orders 2005.

To support the export of Tasmanian caught Giant Crab and Giant Crab products that are sourced from areas that are open for fishing, the statement:

‘This giant crab/giant crab product has been prepared from giant crab that has been sourced from an open fisheries area’

must be included on all Declarations of Compliance for all Tasmanian caught Giant Crab and Giant Crab products.

For questions regarding giant crab exports, please contact Dairy Eggs Fish.

Last reviewed: 4 November 2019
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